Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Ignorant lol. That rich coming from you.

Only cons like you can be in leadership right? I work in California for a media company. The majority of the employees are left leaning.


No matter which way you lean you’re a functional illiterate. You aren’t convincing anyone of your intellect or management position. Not in the way you’d hoped anyhow.


Specially when he’s posting all hours of the day… :wink:


Yeah…he has so much time in his hands he can post on multiple forum all day long.


Ive never like RSU’s, I dont trust anything without a strike price ,but they have a better downside protection

Do you know if your RSU has a 409A valuation?


Hahahahahaha keep it coming buddy. This is amusing.

I am not here to convince you because in order for me to do that I would have to give you my name. Which I know you want :grinning:. You can ask me questions if you are curious about what it is like to be a manager.


No. I work for a publicly traded company. I can never lose value on my stocks. Only gain. So if I receive 50 RSUs at 50 dollars… and the stock dropped to 40…I sell at 50 no matter what.

I use to work at a startup that failed… I didn’t get shit and I thought they would IPO. Lesson learned


It take a few seconds to post. I am always on my phone. Most of my day is spent on my phone. Not complicated to browse this forum during transitions to meetings or lunch.


Just quit, you’re becoming your own punchline.


Geez Wiz talk about being dense? Prag acts like he has never heard of “Affirmative Action”? Holy crap, he invents a whole new kind of ignorance!


Affirmative action by definition gives an advantage to minorities, that is the stated purpose of the program.

You are an embarrassment and such statements make your claim to be in upper level management laughable on it’s face.


Its called denial …


You don’t understand, companies are importing minority “talent” from overseas now to meet their diversity quotas. Coincidentally, there’s been a huge uptick of foreigners who lied about getting real degrees.

There’s also fake visas now. Apparently, it’s a growing industry.

Some are lying about their previous experience as well, but magically none of that is really being covered by the MSM. Surprise.


Yes I know about this! There was recently a bust that exposed this problem with one of the Visa Mills you speak of. We see these adverts here in Asia all over the place on the internet!


The best ones are the ones who have fake work visas and come to the US to be “professional students” using grant money provided by the Federal government. And you think the Federal government is there for US? :laughing:


Dam! That shit needs to stop! Why aren’t we addressing this problem?


The same reason we aren’t addressing lobbying. This shit isn’t happening by accident. Our government sold us out a long time ago. Didn’t you get the memo?

Try applying for the same grants as a White, Male, US citizen. You won’t qualify.


Oh I got the Memo, but this is blatant theft. More needs to be done to get this issue out into the open especially with immigration being such a hot topic right now. This really pisses me off!


Yeah it doesn’t matter. Like every other problem this nation is dealing with, if you go back far enough you’ll find it was the government that created the problem to begin with. How better to control the masses than to manufacture a crisis only they can “solve”?


Good point! It reminds me of a quote Einstein said:

“How can we solve problems with the same methods in which created them in the first place?”