Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


First those Ellis Island immigrants had a choice to come here or not.

Second, those immigrants didn’t have laws preventing them from obtaining the “American dream”. There were literal laws on the books declaring slaves as property and non citizens. There were literal laws preventing them from getting access to the same economic resources available to white people.

Why is this so hard to grasp?


Name one that didn’t have Europeans attempt to colonize them?


You will never be the great white hero to the black man that you imagine yourself to be. The more you try, the more you will make them dependent on you.


Why did they not stop the Europeans?

It seems that this point that you tried to make is irrelevant

It does not seem to matter how they got here or if they even got here at all.



There’s your kafkatrapping



That’s not what systemic means.


Correct. Even if caught, the act of killing the victim could be determined to be justifiable homicide…or negligent homicide…are accidental homicide.


You’re going to strain an ovary carrying that goal post Sparky.


It was interesting to listen to Farrakahn in 2016. Of course we are all white devils. But hillary was especially evil in his eyes. Trump, the other white devil, was preferred by farrakahn … for the same reason that Malcolm X had especially harsh words for white liberals… they are deceitful and USE the black man, tricking him into a life on their plantation.


You don’t know what this means buddy… who did I specifically accuse of racism in this thread? Did I use someone denial as proof that they are what I accuse them of?


Okay … in 2015 then numbers were:

Black people killed by whites: 229
White people killed by blacks: 500

A trend that has been consistent for decades.

Black are about 12% of the population; whites about 64%. So adjusted for percentage of population those figures are 358 and 4167 respectively. Or if you prefer, there are about five times more whites than blacks so adjusting shootings by black vs white shooters yields about 46 black people killed by a white person for every 500 white people killed by a black person.

Is that what you were looking for?



Ok, if you say so. Have a nice day.



You’re not still obsessed with her, are you?


My people came from Sweden and Austria about 120 years ago. They had nothing to do with it. Why should I or my children be punished?


He reminds me of the guardian knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. :wink:


Even if your great great grandparents were slave owners… (which I am assuming they weren’t) why would you feel like I am punishing you? Is that what you think?


Were you not arguing in support of affirmative action? Because I could have sworn you were.


It is more than enough time.

People get divorced, or have a catastrophic life event, lose everything and rebuild in less time.

You folks need to sponsor some backbone and personal responsibility in people rather than enabling personal failure and endorsing victimhood. You’d be surprised at how well people respond to someone believing that they are more than a past that isn’t relevant to the present.


Of course it makes sense to you. It is liberal math.