Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


You changed your “argument” midstream.


No, my grandparents were mixed race just like I am, on both sides.

Races don’t prosper and build wealth, individuals do and they accomplish it through individual achievement, not group preferences.


I haven’t changed anything. Murder is a determination made by a judge or jury, Homicide is a determination made by the Medical Examiner.


She’s an idiot pandering to her idiot base.

Any attempt to arrest trump will create an immediate constitutional crisis and the SCOTUS would slam it down hard.


I suggest she go all out on the “Russian Collusion” let’s impeach Trump angle. I say we start with this right here.


Why not, she can’t do much of anything that will show her to be more of a babbling partisan fool than what she’s already done.


I’ll go easy on you . You’ve been beaten up enough in this thread.


Sarah Palin hearts this post.


Even if a specific race was oppressed for 300 years?


Several races have been oppressed far longer starting with the Jews and Irish.

None of us is responsible for what happened to their ancestors and punishing us for the wrong done long ago violates the most basic tenets of our founding documents.

“No corruption of blood”, are you even familiar with the phrase.

Individual rights, not group rights.

Have you ever read the NW Ordnances, the Declaration of Independence? How about our constitution?

My generation fought like hell to have all of us treated equally based on character, not race to ensure those prior wrongs were righted.

When exactly is “enough enough”? Everyone has equal opportunity in this country today and has had for a very long time.

If you are the member of a particular grievance group you even get special preferences in hiring and promotions. When is it that while people have given enough? Be specific.


Next time you are at the gas pumps remember “drill baby drill”, and give thanks to those with the foresight to do just that.

Most of the economic boom we’ve seen over the last ten years is directly or indirectly related to the falling cost of petroleum and all of the direct and indirect jobs created. The lack of inflation is also directly related to the cost of of fuel falling.

Everything you buy is made from and/or delivered to your store by trucks burning cheap diesel.

The cost for commuters has fallen by over half since gas prices peaked in 08/09 and that frees up hundreds of billions of dollars to be spent on consumables, buying homes, cars, groceries and everything else we spend our money on.


Obviously that’s all you have left. Your surrender is accepted.


Lol, you think those numbers work out well for black people? I can assure you, they don’t.


White people, 77.1%, black people 13.3%

In 2015, black people killed 500 white people, white people killed 229 black people.


Want to talk about rape?


In America? There weren’t even several races in the 1600s in America. The “We were oppressed too argument” is used to downplay real oppression in this country. Stop it.

When did I say YOU were ever responsible for the oppression 300 year oppression of a specific race? Cons always fall into this trap…

I don’t know your generation but I’d imagine you were alive when Jim Crow was in place, maybe you were old enough to vote. Not sure. Either way of you personally fought for civil rights, then I commend you. Although judging by your defense, I seriously doubt you did. You are basically saying The civil rights act wasn’t needed.

Equal opportunity? Having access to something and actually obtaining something is completely different. I will say that things have improved a lot since 1965, but we must continue to remove barriers. Reforming criminal justice laws is another step in the right direction. That should allow more fathers to be at home with their families, instead of in jail.

54 years… isn’t enough time. Let’s see where we are in 200 years.




This makes sense to me… by sheer numbers. With over 3/4ths of the population being white… I would imagine there would be more opportunities to kill a white person than a black person.


Lol, so just ignore that they are killing white people at over twice the rate while only being 13% of the population because there are more white people to kill? Hilarious.


Oh please. Very few immigrants came through ellis island with any “generational wealth”…a term that libs made up and threw up on the wall to see if it would stick once they had no other excuses for the black poverty and were loathe to admit that they themselves were institutionalizing black poverty.

My grandfather came without education or money just a year after his family was freed from Ottoman slavery. But thank God there were no libs telling him he was a victim.

Shove your “generational wealth” excuse up AOC’s ass.


Go look at countries that have been majority black for 200+ years.