Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


" Liberal dufuses"



That’s not an oxymoron. It is a tautology. Two words that mean the same thing.


I stand corrected.

Well done.


So, if you saw me walk into a store, pick up the candy bar without paying for it and walk back out, you would not say “he stole that candy bar?”

That is silly.


Innocent until proven guilty.


True because a white man doesn’t need AA. Without it they have been getting jobs over black people (and women) for over 150 years.


Not really - it would be redundant if they meant the same thing, but not all dufuses are liberals.


Nope, for all I know you are a relative of the owner or even the owner of the store. My aunt had a combination store/gas and cheese steak place near us when I was a kid, we didn’t pay for anything at the register, we would take what we wanted and settle up later.


That’s not the point. Regardless of the rationale or even the morality behind AA, it is a disadvantage to white males. And those men who lose out to an advantaged minority or woman had nothing to do with the ‘sins of their fathers.’ One could even say that punishing them for inequalities perpetrated by previous generations is immoral.


There is also a separate logical sense of the word “tautology” that is often neglected. People normally use it to say something adds no meaning, but tautology is also used when establishing meaning, when establishing a truism.

This is one of my beefs with an earlier, FDR era, Justice Roberts when he describes what he acknowledges as Madison’s view as a mere tautology. That Roberts was willfully neglecting the idea that when offering advice to those with the right to consent to Ratify, as Madison was doing, he was working to secure meaning, establishing meaning that was cemented as the only lawful meaning when those who Ratified on such advice did so.

By contrast his beloved Hamiltonian view was only expressed by Hamilton AFTER ratification and represents the man lawlessly contradicting the exercise of the original right and what he and the rest had said beforehand.


I might also go with he is arguing for assertions of disadvantages, the diagnosis for which in our present society are uncertain and not at all fixed in stone as if the bad old days were ever present WHICH must mean he’s talking about mere abstractions of persons (entities) vs you are talking about individuals in circumstances.


Yes, in this case it is. When ones says “Liberal” there is no need to add “dufuses”.
True it is that there are at least two definitions of tautology.




  1. the saying of the same thing twice in different words, generally considered to be a fault of style (e.g., they arrived one after the other in succession).


repetition · repetitiveness · repetitiousness · reiteration · redundancy · superfluity · periphrasis · iteration · duplication · wordiness · long-windedness · prolixity · verbiage · verbosity · pleonasm · perissology

  • a phrase or expression in which the same thing is said twice in different words.

  • logic: a statement that is true by necessity or by virtue of its logical form.

mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek, from tautologos ‘repeating what has been said’, from tauto- ‘same’ + -logos ( see -logy).


I would point out that not all progressives are mere doofuses. Some are idiots, some are willing, some are malevolent … none are really “liberal” as Classic American Liberals were (more Robespierre than Adam Smith) … so the added shading of meaning isn’t useless.


Indeed liberalism has evolved over the years. It used to be that a classical liberal was a good thing to be. Today, liberalism is a mental disorder…consisting of useful idiots led by other idiots.

Elizabeth Warren was a useful idiot for most of her life. She now is an idiotic leader of useful idiots…aspiring to be the idiotic Commander in Chief with a staff of useful idiots to assist her in ruining the capitalist country that provided her with the means to get where she is today.

I would say that she now has no chance of becoming President were it not for the fact that the power of a large gathering of useful idiots should not be underestimated.

I posit that a bell curve applies to liberals regarding their level of idiocy. Rather than a symmetric looking bell profile though, it is more likely the shape of wave about to white cap…with the vast majority of liberals on the idiot side of the peak, and a steep descent on the right side representing those with at least a bit or two common sense.


Stupidity is the only limitless human resource and Left Wing ideology has captured the market on stupidity in America at this time.


All liberals are defuses, but all defuses are not liberals. Therefore, dufus liberal IS redundant, liberal dufus is not.


Actually, you have it backwards. To say “liberal” implies “dufus”, therefore “liberal dufus” is a tautology. To say “dufus” should not imply “liberal” because, as you say, not all liberals are dufuses.


No. I said it right. Dufus liberal is redundant because (presumably, for this exercise) all liberals are dufuses so there is no need to use the adjective dufus to describe the liberal. But when you say liberal dufus, liberal is the adjective which clarifies that you are talking about a liberal dufus and not a conservative dufus. Right now, for example, you are being a dufus and I would never suggest that you are a liberal. :sunglasses:


You both are missing the earlier point.

If you commit a crime, you committed the crime, even if you don’t get caught.

If you steal a candy bar, you steal a candy bar.


We’re not responsible for the actions of people who lived and died long before the current generation was even born.

Our constitution forbids punishment of people for the bad acts of their ancestors.

Any way you attempt to justify it AA lowers the quality of the work force because it uses factors to give preferences in hiring and promotion that are not based on individual merit.

Worse, it cheats those who have worked hard to excel in order to punish them for the acts of others most of whom are long dead and gone.

This is a country who’s constitution specifically protects the rights of individuals over all else.