Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


You do know that we will catch the other prags saying they work in other industrues…don’t you? Did you clear this discussion with your handlers?


The percentage of people employed, as a proportion of the US demographic, says almost nothing about discrimination. Far more relevant is the percentage of those employed as a portion of those with appropriate skills. Same with University access.

Asians make up ~40% of applicants capable of getting into Harvard, but represent only ~20% of the Harvard student body. They have taken a court case against Harvard arguing that they are being discriminated against because of their race, one program which is claimed discriminates against Asians is AA.


There are federal jobs in every state, city, and county in the United states you idiot.


Umm. That’s quite literally the definition of an advantage.

If a scoring program adds points to an applicant based on race, then that is defacto giving them an advantage


He’s whining that even with an advantage in opportunity, minority failure in the “results” category necessitates additional relaxing of standards by white people.

Only when hiring and salary RESULTS are the same will there be justice… in his mind.

Liberal bullshit. They cant accept that they themselves emasculate minority men, making them less inclined to work hard, work smart, and work with high expectations for oneself…They create a subsector of people who see themselves a victims… always requiring the super hero liberal white man to look the other way at lesser qualifications, defend him from the mean old color-blind conservatives, or to provide other advantages. Such people will never have the initiative and drive and confidence to do well. But those minorities who break away from the victim plantation of the left invariably do well.


Similar to “Vice-President” at a branch bank.

Speaking of advantage, it is obvious in my area that most bank tellers are black these days. I assume it has something to do with pay scale.


Where I work -in Aerospace - Human Resource managers at executive level are disproportionately almost always black.


Because that’s how race based Affirmative Action works.

It punishes individuals in while granting special favor to “groups”.


Except affirmative action isn’t just race based. But you knew that.

I still think it’s funnny that cons believe AA gives minorities/women an advantage over them.


Is that right? EVERY city huh. Ok buddy.


You know what’s kind of amusing to consider - Hillary might just be able to crush all of these minnows!

But then I remember how lousy Hillary is at this, too. If it isn’t rigged, she’d have a hard time beating the Hillside Strangler.


WIthout creating new classes of victims and keeping those who are already convinced they are victims thinking so the political left in this country would have no power whatsoever.

Without growing division and dissatisfaction they have nothing at all to even run on.


Yes every city. If it has so much as a Post Office it has federal employees.


We were discussing race but if you want to expand it, by all means.

The purpose of AA is to give every identified grievance group an advantage over white males.


Advantage in opportunity only.


I’m not sure how this is difficult for even the simplest of minds.

The entire purpose of AA is to give an advantage to the named grievance groups over white males. There simply isn’t an argument to the contrary.

Any advantage given to one over another creates a disadvantage for the latter. Again, there simply isn’t an argument to be made to the contrary.


… and their staff almost exclusively women.


That one is an oxymoron.


No white man has ever been given a job over a woman/minority through AA regardless of the demographics of the specific workplace. If that’s not a disadvantage, what is?


You mean Pragmatic? Did autofill slip an oxy- in there?