Do you think we live on a Flat Earth or a Round Earth?

This thread isn’t for casting aspersions on people who hold a particular view. I’m not asking what view is right or what view is wrong. I’m just interested in what people think and why they think that. I could very well be wrong about my thinking. Right now I believe that the Earth is a sphere, but will openly admit I have trouble explaining why other than what I’ve been taught.

Write your reason to support your answer.


No…because logic…proof…hundreds of first hand accounts…there is no logical reason anyone would have an “ulterior” motive about lying about the shape of the globe, besides religious nuts.

I am an avid conspiracy theorist researcher but I HATE the flat earth garbage, in my opinion its a way to make open minded thinkers look like nut jobs, the Earth is most certainly not flat.


There is a huge motive. NASA receives billions of dollars for their fake missions and fake studies in space.

Ok, so what do you think they are doing with that money then? I know some people who work for NASA and though they are well off, they are in no way making bank.


The earth is actually kinda eggish shape, with four somewhat high points roughly corresponding to a tetrahedron (or 4 sided dice) and the “sides” being slightly depressed by comparison. The humps / depressions are not large in magnitude compared to the planet but were measurable from space. Since they persist and are measurable at the ocean surface I would guess that there is a slight variation in gravity at play as well.

(fun fact: years ago scientists measuring the speed of light relative to extremely accurate meters as physical objects noted that it changed. Their response was to redefine the meter relative to light, so that their “constant” never officially varied … the meter did)

But beyond that our common view of the earth includes the oceans which helps to average things out somewhat and present the illusion of something smoother than it really is.

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Well, given that humans have been to outer space and observed the shape of the earth, I’d have to say spherical :stuck_out_tongue:


We haven’t been to outer space. If you believe NASA you better double check your research.

Lol. Well even if you don’t believe the hundreds of people that claim to have gone there, there’s plenty of physics that can back it up…you should check your research :wink:

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Do you have actual reasons why you doubt NASA?


Many reasons why I don’t believe NASA. First off the 1st mission to the moon was faked. Check this out.

We live in a time cube.

It is a sphere. We have seen the photos. Flight paths are predicated upon it. Toilet water flushes in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere due to polar gravity. That would not happen on a pancake planet. Not to mention a “flat” planet planet would have shattered from asteroids and space debris that have caused extinction level events in the past. I find conspiracy theories interesting, but this is even dumber than the “earth is 10,000 years old” nonsense. Plenty of people not affiliated with any government have been in the stratosphere (Felix Baumgartner, for starters). Even more people will see it first hand has private orbital travel becomes a novelty among the wealthy.


There aren’t any real photos that show the earth. Every single photo has been photo shopped or edited with CGI. Look at the flight path for instance if you fly from a city in S. America to say S. Africa. The flight path will take you up north to a country in Europe then back down to S Africa. It doesn’t make sense if it was round. The toilet thing is bullshit. Felix Baumgartner was in low orbit not in outer space. His footage was filmed with a GoPro camera using a fish eye lens which gave an illusion that the earth was curved…so let me guess…you believe we came from monkeys then?

How is this still a thing? If the earth was flat then how the hell do we sail/fly AROUND it on a daily basis?

Seriously people use your darn brains.

The only people who believe the Flat Earth garbage are retarded people who have never traveled further than a 100 miles. Anyone else with real life experience knows that its false.


Lol…You can still go around the world in a flat earth. Here is a picture of a flat earth model. Hopefully it gives you an idea but there are many other more detailed models out there.


LOL you are really really trying to make your lame conspiracy fly in this thread…when you know its BS.

I have done HALO jumps and have personally seen the curvature of the earth, maybe you should grow up kid and get some life experience under your belt before acting like you are the authority on these things.


I am glad you think I am kid. It makes me think you are gullible and believe whatever anyone wants you to think. You seem the type that believes whatever the mainstream media tells you and the Government run education system teaches you. I bet you believe that you are in a republic that chooses their President and George Washington was the 1st President of the country. I can give you another thing to believe…this “kid” has way bigger balls than you because I don’t conform to the masses like a good little citizen and believe what the Government tells me. If you done HALO jumps like you say…you would be the only person in recorded history that has seen the curvature because not even Felix Baumgartner who holds the record for having the highest jump saw a curvature. You are full of shit. Or you have convinced yourself that the lies are true.

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I have chatted with a bloke who built a tiny sailboat to circumnavigate around the south … it will do maybe do 4-5 mph in a strong wind because it is limited by its wave bow and stern waves as are all displacement boats.

I can tell you straight up even if he wanted to he couldn’t pack food for the more than 200 days of sailing at his top speed that your map would require.

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Whatever kid.

I am glad you bring up Felix Baumgartner, because he took pictures and those pictures SHOW THE CURVATURE OF THE EARTH, but I am sure you believe they are fakes or photoshopped.

The only gullible person here is you, because you actually believe that you will fool someone into believeing your BS.

Every single person here is laughing at you and have brought up proof that the world is not flat, you haven’t even brought up any proof that supports your argument other than cause you say so cause you read something on a defunct conspiracy nut website.

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He took real footage with a GoPro camera. Anyone that has done HALO jumps as yourself would know GoPro cameras use fish eye lens…lol