Do you think we live on a Flat Earth or a Round Earth?

Keep trying to make excuses. I HALO jumped before GoPros existed.

And how do you explain all the satelites? Or do you think NASA and every other single country on the planet shoots new satelites into orbit every night.

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Satellites? What a joke! There aren’t any. Satellites are science fiction. Supposedly there are 1,000s of these satellites in the air but they never hit each other. Plus when they make their fake pictures of the globe they always forget to brush in these fake satellites…smh you are so indoctrinated.

From my reading of this thread you are the one who seems indoctrinated. When you come to the deepest parts of the internet and even the people here think your “conspiracy theory” is a crock of shit its time to step back and re-think your theory, we who disagree with you are not “indoctrinated” we just have common sense, and dont spend all our time believing shitty YouTube videos.

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I would think people around these parts wouldn’t be so conformed to what society tells them. I get it though, its hard to believe when they put globes in every single classroom. They put globes in classrooms for kids way before they could even make a logical decision. That’s were the indoctrination comes in. Our latest great minds of the last century such as Einstein knew a globe hadn’t been proven as fact. Why do you think Einstein spent a big part of his life trying to prove the “theory” of relativity. Till this day its still known as a theory. The theory of relativity was trying to explain gravity. People are really brainwashed to believe some sci-fi idea that someone thought up than to believe their own logical senses.

The more you post the less and less you show you know about actual science.

  1. The earth has been proven to be round, and we have proven your BS claim is just a bs troll cause you think everyone is as dumb as you.

  2. Einstein knew that the earth was round. Most of his knowledge and studies were based on the same basic facts and knowledge that prove the earth is not flat.

  3. A scientific theory is not the same as a general theory. A scientific theory can be proven beyond a doubt and still by scientific definition still be called a theory.

  4. Einstein’s theory of general and special relativity have been proven thanks to CERN, and the scientific community.

  5. You are clearly another sad loser trying to be special, and guess what you are special, and by special I mean the retarded kind of “special”.

Next you will be telling us about the hollow earth theory.

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Okay lets just say I am a retard but you post clearly shows you have less knowledge than me. So what does that make you when this retard is more intelligent than you. Lets start by proving it.

1st off a theory is just a theory. A scientific theory is just a hypothesis that has been supported by repeated test. Scientific theories can change. There is a difference between scientific law and scientific theory. A scientific law will always be true. So in essence the theory of relativity is not absolute fact.

All this crap that you say about Einstein’s knowledge and studies are bullshit.

When you bring up something other than what this post was about like hollow earth theory just shows you have nothing else to prove me wrong. I have even given a clue to prove me wrong. Show me a picture of this globe earth. Of course without the picture being doctored up. Wouldn’t that be the easiest thing to do? Oh wait sorry it aint so easy because there is no globe to take a picture of…smh.

Columbus already answered this for you, we do not fall of the edge of the Earth because there are no edges on spheres, the Earth is a sphere.

I thought this was spam when I first read the question, I still can’t believe you are seriously asking this as a question, no offense. However if you do have some solid bombshell evidence supporting your claim please drop a link or send me a DM.

Hope this helps? lol

Isaiah 40:22 It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in;

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Don’t fall for it. Flat Earth is a cointelpro (COunter INTELligence PROpaganda) operation. Whenever the deep state wants to muddy the waters around their corrupt dealings, they will bring out a bunch of Flat Earth sock puppets to comment on posts, articles or videos, marginalizing whatever you are saying into the realm of conspiracy theory.

I really think you are off on this one.

I am a die hard flat earther. My wife calls me obsessed.

“What does it really matter?”

A globe head has absolutely nothing to prove it is a globe, except for CGI graphics and NASA telling you it is…

And if you think the goverment won’t lie… Well then clearly there is no debating with you, but I think you clearly should know there are all kinds of reasons to lie about going to the moon. And if they lie about that, how do you know everything isn’t a lie?

Have you looked into WANDERING STARS? Yes, those are what the Heliocentric model calls Planets.

Check out the videos of planets and stars with a p900. You will see that they are just like stars. Google Cymatics. That is what it looks like to me. Frequencies through a medium.

It is a sphere. End of discussion.

All of the evidence such as first hand accounts, images, videos and the fact that the ISS actually works (orbiting the earth).

I know that there is an argument that it is all faked by NASA and whoever else, but this is not valid when you can do an experiment yourself! Get a balloon (obviously specially designed, not a part balloon), attach a GoPro, fill it with helium (if you can afford it) and press record. There are many videos on YouTube of people doing this and whilst it doesn’t go into space completely, it goes high enough for you to see clearly the curvature of the Earth.

Furthermore, look into the Coriolis effect. In order for snipers to hit targets at very long ranges, they need to take into account the curvature of the earth.

Do any measure of research and you will see that you are wrong, the Earth is not flat. It is round.

It’s round. I’ve circled it three times now.

Houston to LA
LA to Tokyo
Tokyo to Singapore
Singapore to Cape Town (Drill-Ship)
Cape Town to Miami
Miami to Houston

You have to be an idiot to think it’s flat at this point. If it was flat, then why is visibility limited in the middle of the ocean to several miles? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that you could see all the way to the next shore? Why can’t you? Because it’s ROUND. I can see a star billions of miles away but my sight is limited to a few miles on the ocean. There’s no other explanation no matter what dolts that believe the flat earth crap would have us believe.


I’ve said this previously but GoPro cameras use fish eye lenses. Yes I heard supposedly snipers have to take in account for the Coriolis effect which I believe the are adjusting for the many other variables that cause the bullet not to be accurate. If they are adjusting for the Coriolis effect then why doesn’t a plane have to adjust for the Coriolis effect? You can’t just pick and choose only certain things have to adjust.

ISS is fake…come on you can’t tell me that fake piece of crap is fooling you. When they do their so called space walks it done on a green screen in a pool. Do you know an astronaut almost drowned while doing a space walk? Come on there is no water in space. When doing space walks you can sometimes see air bubbles in their head gear. You all need to wake up and stop letting these people lie to you because they just laugh when they think how easy it is to deceive the masses.

“I believe the are adjusting for the many other variables” like what? Give some examples and don’t just pull stuff out of your ass.

why doesn’t a plane have to adjust for the Coriolis effect” because you are rotating with the fucking earth.

Do you know an astronaut almost drowned while doing a space walk?” Sources motherfucker. And if you’re talking about when they’re doing training by using swimming pools, shoot yourself so you can never reproduce.

ISS is fake” Where is your proof? You seem to be just pulling things out of your ass without any sort of rational reasoning. You do realize that even with a cheap telescope you’ll be able to see the ISS on occasion? You can take photos of it as it passes in front of the moon.

After reading your pathetic excuse of a rebuttal, I can only conclude that you are beyond hope. You are someone who doesn’t want to believe something just because it’s the norm to believe in it; and not because you have any evidence or have done any research (conspiracy websites do not count as research).

Why would science lie? Who gains from this cover up? We have real, physical objects that work because of the scientific process of research, testing and development which is then peer reviewed and tested for reproducibility by people all around the world. You have none of this. You have nothing to stand on, you are just an ignorant person that is uneducated to the highest degree.

I didn’t think I was dealing with people as smart as you that I would have to list variables when shooting a rifle. I thought it would be common sense to know wind and weather have to be taken into account for accuracy.

So a plane is rotating with the fucking earth? Yeah you nailed that one brainiac the earth is supposedly going over 1,000 MPH and i guess you know some secret extra fast 747 that goes that fast too. What about when its going the opposite of this fake rotation Einstein?

I wasn’t talking about training I was talking about a so called real space walk. Look for yourself.

ISS is fake. Its not up to me to prove it fake. Its up to NASA, you or anyone that says its real and floating in space to prove its up there. That being said there is no picture of ISS floating in space. Let just say I give you the benefit of the doubt and maybe its not that important to take one lousy picture but it wouldn’t last with the extreme radiation it would have to go through in the Van Allen radiation belts.

I never said science was a lie I believe in the integrity of science when its done properly using the scientific method. Every method that would prove the earth is a sphere has been dis proven.

I am going to leave you with one thing to think about since you are the Einstein of the group. Gravity is the only thing that would actually make a lot of the globe earth make sense. According to Newton, gravity is suppose to be pulling us to the center of the earth. So the earth’s ocean weighs billions and billions of pounds which gravity is supposedly pulling it down holding it to the earth and an avg person weighs 150 pounds. Which means if gravity was a proven theory with that immense power that gravity supposedly has it would literally be driving us into the ground not holding us straight up.

Logically a round earth doesn’t make sense. If someone on here shows me a picture of the real earth being round (not the fake photoshopped pics) or any proof of a globe earth I would be more than happy put my head in my ass and admit I was wrong.

I am sorry to say that would be impossible even for you Einstein.

@SultX you are kidding right? All I can say is I thought all the Neanderthals were EXTINCT!

That’s interesting. Back in 1992 when I was working on the Trojan Spirit 2.0, a satellite communications system, we had to search the sky to connect to that “science fiction” in order to transmit data to Virginia. We had to enter in the basic locations, then adjust the dish to sync up with the satellite and then it tracked the satellite on its own. When we jumped locations, we had to reconnect every time. Tell your lies to someone who hasn’t experienced connecting to satellites. Hell, anyone that’s connected a Direct TV to satellite should know what you’re saying is bullshit.

Flat earth is the last argument I expected to encounter on this website.

I couldn’t find the youtube by an Australian who demonstrated that current Qantas flights between Sydney and Johannesburg, South Africa, won’t have enough fuel, if the distance between these two cities are that great, according to the flat earth scheme.

Additionally, he said a flight from Sydney to Johannesburg would take the course first to China, Tibet (and land somewhere for refueling), India, and then along the east coast of Africa to reach South Africa. But all this ain’t happening.

Flat earth is a cleverly engineered scheme to divert the attention of awake people from real issues. Perfect divide and conquer, just like the abortion issue (pro-life vs pro-choice nonsense which occupies the minds of Americans) as it doesn’t belong in the realm of politics.

I’m always curious… how does the flat earth theory explain people like me that went west all the way around the globe to make it back to the same point without going east? :))

I flew from DaNang, RVN to Philadelphia and got home an hour before I left.
Explain that flat-earthers.

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