Denmark to send convicted foreign criminals remote island



Yes… now your getting the picture… :+1:


What was that place called where they sent Papillon?


Devil’s Island, a Penal Colony in French Guyana.


Kodiak has a substantial (for Alaska) civilian population. You cannot dump unguarded criminals there. That’s why I suggested Attu. Even if they escaped (Papillon style) there is no place for them to go.


Well, can we export a large number of Kodiak’s bears and a few big cats and wolverines to Attu to control the population?

I didn’t think there was much human habitation on Kodiak itself, I was thinking most of it was on one of the smaller islands close by?


Kodiak Island is the location of the city of Kodiak and several other smaller villages. It’s home to some 13,000+ people. Kodiak is the second largest island in the US after the island of Hawaii.

Attu island habitat is not suitable for bear or big cats or wolverines. You don’t need them … the weather is simply awful.


Bears and big cats used to be predators of the open plains and tundra. Put enough food there for them and they’d do just fine. :grinning:


You would have the SPCA and the WWF down on your ass for cruelty to animals. Besides, you don’t need animal predators to keep the population in check, they would prey on each other just to survive. And as I said, the weather out there is simply awful.


Then, the population would explode and there would be starvation.

I may be a conservative but damn if I don’t appreciate the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

So, I would very much be in favor of NO islands and a boot in the ass out of plane over an ocean.

(P.S. with no parachute)


Right. Parachutes would pollute the ocean … we can’t have that. :wink:


That’s how nature always works.

As prey populations grow, predator populations expand. When the prey population crashes, so too does the predator population.

Always been that way, always will be.

I am of course joking about letting “nature take it’s course” with the predators eating the criminals anyhow.


Yep. We are just blowing off some steam which is rather fun. :wink:


There’s lots of places along the gulf coast with swamps, gators, mosquitoes and snakes. To be nice, give them training in first aid.


Funny story. I was traveling across Alligator Alley about 20 years ago. That is/was the solitary road from the West to East Coast of Florida that runs through the Everglades.

I stopped for gas and a State Trooper followed me in. He reamed me up one side and down the other (in a Fatherly way) for traveling alone… a female… at night…

I appreciated the hell out of that man. Who then followed me until I reached the toll booths of Miami. Apparently, there was a rash of disappearances at that time of solitary drivers. Nothing made that made the news or was widely known. But it was to those people who patrolled the Alley.

God Bless that man and the integrity he showed as a law enforcement officer.


Good for Denmark, Im sure the citizens will back that plan, no matter what the opposition thinks or says.


I once drove out to the Anhuac nature reserve, in Texas. About ten miles away, it was like driving thru a rain storm, but it was bugs. I had to scrub the truck for hours after getting home.

Lots of gators and bugs you could put a saddle on.


Catch the grasshoppers or bees swarming and it can get pretty dramatic in a hurry.

Motorcyclists in tee shirts and shorts don’t fare very well with either.


Yes, well on the old forum, there was a household tip on that which meant spraying your car with WD-40. Not too sure about the saddles though :grin:


THAT is a visual image that both horrifies me and make me ROFL at the same time.


Scraped up a few when I was riding the ambulance, treated quite a few in the ER.

Bee Stings that are embedded at 75-100mph bury deep and envenomate fully and grasshoppers can knock out eyes and teeth.

Hitting one of our Texas Jumbo Grasshoppers at that speed is like getting hit with a golf ball coming off of the Tee.

Damned things weigh about six our eight times what a normal adult grasshopper weighs. Just one hitting your facemask can blind you.