Denmark to send convicted foreign criminals remote island



Denmark is set to send convicted foreign criminals to 17-acre remote island in move slammed by opposition parties


Here… Here… I second that motion !!


I like it!

While not anti immigrant, I believe if immigrants cannot or will not abide by the laws of the nation that either accepted or, in the case of asylum, rejected them, they should be monitored while awaiting deportation.


The US should reopen Alcatraz for the same purpose.


While it might be fabled as being inescapable, we have islands that are far more remote than San Francisco Bay…besides it is far to close to the Sanctuary city of the world who would likely build a bridge…

Besides… we would get done for overcrowding… that place just ain’t big enough… If you put them all on that island, it would look from space like a giant hedgehog…


We need to build a Guatanamo bay on some outer Hebridean island and ship them there.


Denmark? Really? I am surprised. Good for them.

This is similar to what the British did in Australia.


You’d need to remove all the sheep first though, you don’t want to turn the place into a Brothel, you can be providing the crims with even more benefits


Which island? We can ship them there from around the world and I’m sure they’ll take care of one another!


I thought it would have been easier to deport them back to their country of origin but hey ho fair play Denmark…


Way to go!
I wonder if they have an ‘agreement’ with the UK…


Your mangina of a PM in Canada wouldn’t allow you to do that


The EU won’t let countries deport foreign raping, murdering, paedophilic barbarians back to their country of origin, in case there are not enough welfare payments to support them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. It is against their Human Rights under the ECHR


Nooo! Just ship them back to France where they came from.

Do you think this is the incinerator?


Uffe Elbaek needs his/her brains feeling.


Child rape is “part of our culture” says Islamic preacher in Denmark


They could go a step further and bill the home country of the grunts but it’s a good start. I really wish the UK had some set in stone sensible measures, we tend to let them have bail and never set eyes on them again until they appear in a youtube video beheading someone.


I have said several times that is what we should do. Maybe several islands, each for a particular type of problem. No need to send swindlers to murderer island, for example. Still need security though. Some criminals have so much money they could hire a small navy to get them out.


Why the island? A plane ride over the ocean would do just fine.


Bravo Denmark! I’m very impressed with this proposal, if things work out maybe other countries will follow suite? We can only hope so


Perhaps we can send ours to Bikini Atoll.