Denmark to send convicted foreign criminals remote island



Unfortunately it would be cheaper to level it and start over.


True but it’s pretty easy to secure an Island vs targets on the mainland.

With large enough shark enclosures and limited access such as how ports are secured in wartime it might work out pretty efficiently.

The problem would be finding the necessary Islands in reasonable locations to be secured that would be within practical striking distance of the mainland for a QRF if needed and far enough offshore as to not become eyesores.


Too small. I propose surrounding a large area in a desert, accessible by helicopter only, with two widely separated walls…each of which leans toward the other, both of which have tops terminating over a deep moat between them, the moat being stocked with flesh eating chemicals.


Oh… Hell no… Not another damn EPA superfund sight mismanaged by government… We have more than enough species of nasty creatures that can fill the void… and if we need some that we can’t supply ourselves, Australia has a good inventory…


…such as Bernie Madoff

I wonder if his cell is carpeted and fitted-out with chaise-longue


Yeah, and drop them in the middle!


You weren’t too far off on that one :rofl:

Jihadis who return from fighting in the Middle East and Africa will also be sent to Lindholm once the facility is established, which is expected to be in 2021 following a thorough cleaning and decontamination of everything on the island, which has been usedfor more than 90 years as a laboratory for infectious diseases dangerous to Danish agriculture, such as foot and mouth disease, rabies, and African swine fever.


You’d probably have to go to the Atacama desert in Chile for that and I doubt they want our trash.

Most of our desert SW isn’t that “deserty”, or secluded anymore. I suppose we could try for Death Valley but somehow I suspect the green weenies would object.


There is an essentially abandoned military facility on Attu Island in the Aleutians that would serve that purpose just fine. And there are slews of uninhabited islands out there that the really hard core “exportees” could be dumped.


Bikini Atoll is available for use immediately.


Turn a great tourist attraction into a money pit?

Also, every sailboat in the bay would turn into a freedom flotilla. How about San Clemente Island in the south, but don’t stop using it for naval ordnance practice.


I wasn’t serious. Alcatraz is far to small, even if there was standing room only, to hold all the worthless bastards I would want there.

About a thousand acres in Death Valley might do it.


I like San Clemente Island. If it’s anything like Catalina, it’s overgrown with prickly pear and poison oak, and the navy sill uses it for target practice (I think).

Tell 'em to eat the prickly pears and duck.


…b…but, shouldnt we follow the the ways our Western European Socialist countries govern? Banish the migrant caravan to Guantanamo ?


If only we could facilitate their escape to the people’s republic of Cuba, it would be a great idea.

Alas, even the boat people of Haiti know enough to bypass that worker’s paradise.


The only problem with that is the cost of maintaining such facilities would far exceed their worth.


What… you worried about human rights?..:laughing:


When it comes to terrorists, drug kingpins or dealers? Not particularly.


Then throw them a boat load of material and a set of tools and tell them to get on with it… what you build is what you get.


You still would have to staff it, guard it, and provide basic care for them.

Of course we could simply dump them on Kodiak Island unarmed and let nature take its course.

All we’d need then is a few guards to patrol the shore.