Denmark to send convicted foreign criminals remote island



So we’re back to Bikini Atoll


:scream: that’s not a household tip, that’s a tip to immolate tourself


I prefer no bikini atoll



Sanity returns to Denmark


Sorry if this is the wrong thread … but sanity is also surfacing in Sweden!


Unfortunately they do not get to decide, like here, the government chooses migrants over citizens.


Now the most popular pickup line is Sweden is “hey baby wanna play ‘hide the dynamite?’”


Finland to imprison illegal migrants from January 2019



It pays to expose these cavemen for what they are…animals disguised as humans.

Radical Muslims deserve absolutely nothing other than death. The world would be exponentially improved if they all died.


Imagine that a scandinavian country with a centre to right government taking illegal migrants to task and imprisoning them

Im guessing they don’t see illegals who refuse to assimilate a good thing?

Shocking Im telling, shocking

American libs, pay attention to what is going on , some countries are waking up and using common sense


In Scandinavia, the term rapeugees would be more appropriate and in the USA it should be crimeugees


American libs aren’t paying attention. Because they are (d)ifferent. As a matter of fact they are doubling down on it. :roll_eyes:


The american left are a stupid bunch, a hypocritical bunch.
I say America should give the libs one state Preferably Mississippi , build a fence around it and relocate all the leftist there and let them run their own state and how long they will last.


California would be better


Well you won’t find me trying to debate or disagree with you on that one Max.

As for Mississippi, I’m not so sure. I’d be okay with sending them to Cuba. It seems to offer them everything they could hope for. :wink:


actually I agree with you on that one DMK.

Trump should negotiate with Cuba and swap citizens, those Citizens in Cuba who are anti communist, anti marxist and wants the America life comes here and works are starts businesses , the left/libs who hate America goes there.

Perfect swap. Cuba might be overcrowded after but who cares.


I like it Max! :+1: