Death of the Republican Party! 🐘

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Matt Gaetz: “Lobbyists bring their idea to Congress members. The members slap their name on it. It goes into the system.”

Tim cast: “That should be illegal.”

That’s nice, but it’s just talk. Nothing is going to change, nothing will be put in motion to affect any meaningful change and it will just continue until the country is dead… and me too, hopefully.

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As much as the country changes it remains the same. People especially politicians are self serving.

According to Lord Tytler, a Scottish Historian, the average age of the world’s democracies is around 200 years. After two hundred years, the nations collapse due to various economic policies and be followed by a dictatorship. Lord Tytler identified “Eight Stages of a Democracy”, from beginning to end. The eight stages go from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence, and finally from dependence back to bondage. Life and our universe moves in cycles, and history is no different. So, in our Democratic form of a Republic, which stage do you suppose we are in?

Seems today we are between apathy and dependence.

Benjamin Franklin, famously wrote that “when people find they can vote themselves money, that will be the end of the republic”.

I’ve read that a few times over the years. It’s probably true… I have no reason to dispute it.

We are not a true Democracy, though. Our form of government was put in place to avoid all that. Unfortunately, men are fallable and drawn to power and money. I don’t think there is any form of government that can withsatand the desire for power and the power of greed. We are experiencing this now… and it will end at some point. I just hope not to be aroud when it happens.

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We all see the debt incurred over the past 16 years and the mounting number of those that CHOSE not to work and live off the taxpayers . shameful !!!


Thanks for this, LouMan. This made me curious, since it seems consistent with what I’ve concluded about our current state of affairs. I think like one of the great thinkers of old!! Not that great, since I’d never heard of the guy Tytler.

However, the average age part made me wonder about the math, and the data. 200 years is odd, and I’m not all that familiar with nations that have tried democracy but it seems like a data problem: which nations, what’s their estimated start and finish?

So, like all internet geniuses, I did an internet search. I expected to find that Tytler was of recent vintage, since the nations arguably using democracy are more numerous now. However, their average age would be much lower. I also expected to see hit pieces on the guy, from Vanity Fair and such, since he seems to have predicted our problems some time ago. Alas, neither turned out to be the case.

The whole thing appears to be apocryphal, although Tytler was a real person of note in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s, and a pretty astute critic of “democracy.”

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We talked about that before remember? As conservatives we have what is called “battered wife syndrome” our abusers are not being held to account and so yes we resign ourselves to the belief that nothing will ever change and I am inclined to agree with you. Still I observe from afar with narrow eyes perched on the headlong of freedom to which the suits want to encroach upon until Karma, the great arbiter will force change for better or for worse.


We are a “constitutional republic” modeled after the Roman empire. Marcus Aurelius once had a vision, and thus history is peaceful but often rymes with a future that is violent.


At the stage between apathy and dependency, men always turn in fear to economic and political panaceas. New conditions, it is claimed, require new remedies. Under such circumstances, the competent citizen is certainly not a fool if he insists upon using the compass of history when forced to sail uncharted seas. Usually so-called new remedies are not new at all. Compulsory planned economy, for example, was tried by the Chinese some three milleniums ago, and by the Romans in the early centuries of the Christian era. It was applied in Germany, Italy and Russia long before the present war broke out. Yet it is being seriously advocated today as a solution of our economic problems in the United States. Its proponents confidently assert that government can successfully plan and control all major business activity in the nation, and still not interfere with our political freedom and our hard-won civil and religious liberties. The lessons of history all point in exactly the reverse direction. - Henning W. Prentis, Industrial Management in a Republic, p. 22

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We have gotten there and fast !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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This was pretty awesome. Jags are a team on the rise.

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We have a highly fragmented Republican party and the responsible person is Donald Trump !!!
Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) is another organisation that is looking to harness the anti-Trump energy among Republicans. Both the Lincoln Project and the 43 Alumni for Biden seek to persuade “disaffected conservatives” and to “unite and mobilize a community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency.”
How in the World can we win back the WH with this cancer hanging around ?

Wtf you talking about Willis?

I respectfully disagree with this. The damage done to our country started with Obama (probably before him, ttruth be told). The real damage is at an escalated pace with Biden and company right now. I’m not a Trump thumper as you know, but I think he was a very effective President, especially for what he went through 24-7 for 4 years. Just think how his term could have gone… and benefitted this country if not for the loving, tolerant, understanding, peaceful Left.

I agree that Trump’s time is done, but I’m not going to turn on him because he’s arrogant, crass and has no tact in dealing with people. Maybe if there was just a bit of Trump in the people we select (funny!) as leaders, there would be more accomplished for the people instead of for the people we put in office.