Death of the Republican Party! 🐘

Is there an elephant in the room telling us something? There sure is but for those caught up in the MSM traps of homogenized narratives based on anonymous sources and double speak they won’t be able to see it. Spell bound are those still touting the party line who for the most part are no different than their blue counterparts still reacting with their emotions rather than their intellects.

In case you have missed it, the senator from Missouri Josh Hawley has been reported from several sources stating: “Republican Party Is ‘Dead,’ ‘Build Something New”! Whether that is a direct quote or a variation of the same (we will never know with how MSM phrases things for SEO optimization for click bait) it doesn’t matter in essence he is saying something that is getting ahead of the curve and that is the Republican party is gasping for air in the last moments before its eventual death.

We can talk about McConnell and his complicit nature to sell out his own party, we can also talk about Kevin McCarthy or Mitt Romney or his niece who is the chair of the Republican party Rona McDaniel and how their double dealings, secret clubs, or motives for that matter betrayed their own electorate, however its futile to be wasting words on mere complaints that will soon dissipate with tomorrows coffee. What matters is tomorrow, and the day after that, and weeks and months ahead as to what manifests of the governed.

Faith in institutions is lost, faith in our voices is lost, faith in the rule of law is lost and now faith in the party apparatus is lost too. I’d be lying to you if I said I know what s going to happen, the truth is I don’t know, only what I’d like to happen. The reality is human nature is the great unpredictor and for as much we like to think that it is predictable based on hindsight, there are always surprises that changes the discourse of perceptions, beliefs as well as our fealty to a certain party.

So in returning to what Josh Hawley expressed about the future of the party is certainly raising eyebrows both in contempt and in speculation on what he is trying to convey, so much so it is leading to other questions. Such as: What is he truly saying? Is he just saying such things to provide fodder for the MSM? Or is there something else that can be gleaned about such as reading between the lines? Often times the truth can be learned not in what is being said but what is not being said at all and it can be seen by reading in-between the lines. While it is easy to lay blame at Mitch McConnell’s feet for all the senate and congressional losses as well as believing that he is the sole reason for Josh Hawley’s expressed contempt for the party that he is a part of but it is not the sole reason. True, McConnell did manipulate certain committed funding that played a part in certain senate and congressional races, however its much sinister than that. So what is the source of Josh Hawley’s ire? Glad you ask!

One of the surprises that I am talking about, something that is not getting a lot of attention due to certain actors working the sidelines and behind the scenes to insure that this story is buried in the memory hole is an ad that was running on local television stations in Joe Kent’s congressional 3rd district in the state of Washington leading up to election day to which was painting him as a socialist.

This was an ad that was funded by a certain specific superpac tied to Kevin McCarthy. Now why would a member of the same party do such a thing against someone who for all intensive purposes represents the same brand? Well the answer is quite obvious.

See below


When news of this story was spread internally apparently it was a bridge too far for some such as Josh Hawley and other republicans looking to distance themselves from the establishment. I am not sure if this story will find life elsewhere or if it will resurface at another time but I doubt it due to ones controlling the levers of news media. Nevertheless when considering that Joe Kent is a decorated former Army Special Forces war hero, his wife, Shannon who was a Navel officer, was killed in the 2019 Manbij bombing who he had two children with, this insidious and manipulative decision to pay and endorse this ad is a new low for the Republican Party. Especially considering its RINO cohorts who have sought to undermine its core principles for the sake of protecting self interests is something that is destroying the party from within. Its both disgraceful and unforgivable and is the reason why I am no longer going to be supporting the Republican party, even though that support has ended a few years ago. The point is, this is the death knell for the party of Lincoln that will eventually go the way of the Whig party and being betrayed by ones own party such as what many running on the GOP ticket has experienced in these past elections there will be no return from this particular revelation. The cat is out of the bag for lack of a better term!

In conclusion:

We will hear various members of the Republican party talk about electing a new leader in the senate and the house, as well as talk about Lee Zeldin becoming the preferred candidate to replace Rona McDaniel to become the next chair of the party itself, but it won’t matter, what is broken can no longer be fixed. Even with former President Trump announcing his candidacy for 2024 presidential race on the same Party Ticket for its nomination, the Republican party will survive in name only until something else comes along to replace it. What is abundantly clear to many is that repeating the same status quo can no longer be acceptable means for the vehicle of change. We have reached that moment in time in our nations history where hard choices are going to have to be made such as not tolerating betrayal from its deepest levels and lack of accountability. Whether the latter continues is open for debate especially when most Americans like the Brits have become to live life in a apathetic state of indifference.

Death of the Republican Party is here.


In parting a song by our old friend Roger Waters

No more!



The story at the end is heartbreaking.


Republican Party message has a deep fog over it, they can’t get the message out, all the defoggers have been silenced and canceled. Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McGinnis, and many more. We have the best argument, but when you don’t die at the sword your message remains covered.

This midterm loss might be a positive, it took Rudy a few tries to become mayor of NYC, after massive amounts of I told you so.

But we have to fight, we have to shut down the government, we have to have physical response to the invasion, we have to have a response to Bidens DOJ.

Have a second amendment rally in NYC for a weekend. Who’s going to stop millions of gun owners from legally rallying and celebrating our rights in the heart of the beast. Bring pain.

The party of “united we stand” is now the party of “divided we fall.” RIP GOP.

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At this rate, the only thing the GOP can agree on is disagreeing with each other.


Do you think that the infighting within the Republican Party will have an impact on the upcoming election?

Given what we just learned from this past election cycle especially with the voting process its obvious we have a broken system. I would be at peace knowing that if we had a free and fair election and if the Democrats won fair and square I would accept the results without feeling betrayed. In other words knowing that “We the People” spoke without impedance then I would be OK with whatever outcome there was regardless of who won.

To answer your question more succinctly, I really don’t think it matters what is going to happen in the upcoming elections because at this point if the election process is rigged then its more about a selection than an election. Addressing the voting issue first has to be the number one priority going forward, otherwise Democrats are set to be in control forever. The question is what have Republicans done to fix this problem? When they start to deliberately sabotaging MAGA candidates just because the party establishment can’t control them such as Masters, Kent, Boabert, or a Kari Lake as mere examples, then they ultimately create mistrust with the electorate of their own base, and once that trust is broken and gone its hard to get back.

As far as infighting with the Republican Party is concerned, that may play a part if for no other reason people who have lost faith in the party itself decided to migrate to another one, or be part of a movement which to be honest is starting to form and grow now, what will happen in 2024 might be something we probably won’t recognize. I just don’t see a unified front when it comes to Republicans and its also obvious going with the status quo of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and others isn’t going to do much to restore faith and people’s trust either. The only way the Republican party survives is if those people retire or they are forced to vacate their seats and new blood is brought in. On that last note, I also think its too late for the latter to happen, people have had enough and are ready to move on.


For conservatism to succeed, we must be united. Only by working together can we hope to defeat our enemies and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.


What more can I say? This is truly disgraceful!


It is the duty of election officials to ensure that elections are free and fair. This means that they should be impartial and unbiased in their decision-making and actions. Clearly, there have been many recent instances of election officials interfering with elections in order to benefit one candidate or party over another. This is unacceptable and it undermines the integrity of the electoral process. Election officials who are caught interfering with elections should be sanctioned severely in order to deter others from doing the same. Prison needs to be on the table. Only by upholding the highest standards of impartiality, and enforcing accountability, can we as a people ensure that elections are truly free and fair.

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I am not sure what Makes Trump or any other candidate running for office confident that they can win without fixing our election system. The only thing I can think of is to adopt the Democratic strategy and do the same. However sinking to their level is jus as bad!

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Just as we predicted would happen. No surprises!

Also as business as usual!

From Josh Hawley himself. “The Republican Party is dead”

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Everything is about keeping the status quo with Republicans. That is how they operate. Another example of why the Republican Party is dying!

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