Columbia University Student Declared "RACIST" For Loving White People



After reading the comments by @SneakySFDude, @TWR and @Mogwai it seems to me that this group believes that education raises IQ.

Does joining a basketball team also make one taller?


How did you come to that conclusion?


Here is an update to my post containing the tweets from Aala Nasir and Tim Wise.


I wonder how Tim feels about having all of his public information, travel schedule, and his family information out there. I wonder if he will be afraid to go outside now? :thinking:



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It certainly would be something they could remember you by.





Considering the oddly specific things he was saying, it seems like he was doing this for attention/shock value.

Overall, there isn’t anything wrong with loving white people. People need to stop this stupid reverse racism, because it’s getting old. And it’s stupid.

It’s wrong to judge someone based on their skin color, period.


There are different types of intelligence. IQ is the innate potential for intelligence, but education certainly raises intelligence (maybe not IQ, but knowledge and perhaps wisdom).

And, actually, because of the exercises that basketball teams do, HGH supplements, and height enhancement pills, people who join basketball teams, do, in fact, grow taller as a result of joining. Indirectly.


Maybe Tim Wise should follow his own advice. (I would say he do something else to himself, but that would be inappropriate and possibly having the police knocking on my door. This is mild to what I think of SJW. They should just expel themselves from the U.S. on their own little island, where they can control other people, but those people think like them. They wouldn’t survive two days because they’d be so busy trying to control others). I hate, hate, HATE SJWs. They all need to focus on being kind to people, rather than, again, trying to police others. Stupid little virtue-signaling collective narcissists.


Are you on the IQ team?


A new meta-analysis blends the results of 28 studies that all took measures to mitigate this problem. Based on data from more than 600,000 participants, all told, psychologists Stuart Ritchie and Elliot Tucker-Drob have arrived at a rough estimate of how much an added year of education lifted participants’ IQ scores, on average: between 1 and 5 points.


This level of animosity can only speak to a person who is truly mentally ill. Using you position as an adult to try and destroy a young man’s life because… you don’t like what he says?

I think Mr. Wise needs some serious mental help to excise the festering boil of hatred that has replaced his heart.


How would that make you any better than him?


Because we won’t have anything to go to war about?


It is human nature to war.

Perhaps it is a built in genetic code to enhance survival of the fittest and control population.


No, IQ is your ability to learn, education is what you learn.


Tim Wise should be kicked in the face, a lot.


Most wars throughout history have been about natural resources, not race.

Lot’s of excuses are used to whip up public support for going to war but in the end it’s mostly about resources, not race, ideology, or nationality.


So was phrenology …