Columbia University Student Declared "RACIST" For Loving White People



That isn’t science, it’s barely even voodoo.

Key words, “May have”.


Well that’s certainly unprovable horse shit.


Science requires sourcing.


I disagree…


Interesting choice of weapon for a “Kill a commie for mommy, 'Murica!” Message.


You’re free to do so and expound.

Outside of Southern Africa I’m not seeing it. Nature is taking its course just as it always has. Populations move as transportation tech allows them to. Within a generation or two they begin interbreeding with the local population where the new population settles.

“White” as a race will probably no longer exist in 200 years but it won’t be because of war, it will be due to transportation and interbreeding of mixing populations.

Within that same period or maybe slightly longer the odds are very high “race” as a concept will no longer exist at all.


Perhaps he doesn’t realize that the AK is the international sign for “communism and oppressed peoples worldwide”?


They need a demon to blame and unite them. They have chosen.


Yes it is. It’s also ok to not be white.


That ought to trigger some folk. But you’re not wrong.


Then is the same not true for the other “races”?


The movie Bulworth staring Warren Beatty

Kind of ironic. Movie was made in 98.

Seems to hit all the notes that were seeing today. Whether it is race, corporate mob etc.

But he did fail predicting goverment mob. But again they’re one and the same.


If you’re talking about here in the US yes, it’s becoming hostile and white males in particular are being demonized by the left but we’re still a long way from what I’d call a “war on whites”.

Of course I spent a fair bit of time in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe during the transition as well as the RSA in the 80’s and I saw what a real “war on whites” looks like.

Sadly the RSA is devolving instead of evolving and when it does blow there it’s gonna be really ugly.

The Afrikaners are prepared.


Pretty well. When we get there it’ll probably be the best thing to happen to humanity in the last 5,000-10,000 years.


If you can’t express yourself without always reaching into the gutter to do so go bother someone else.


It’s a direct quote, snowflake.




Quit fishing for quotes in the toilet then trash mouth.


Ben Gay or Absorbine most likely.


Lol “fishing”

You’re cute when you’re triggered. :kissing_heart: