Columbia University Student Declared "RACIST" For Loving White People



Personally I have no tolerance for people with narrow views that you’re spouting off.

Whether you want to accept that we are all products of our environment. What makes up that environment is handed down from one generation to the next.

Now for black being less intelligent.

Do you have automatic transmission in your vehicle? If so thanks Richard Spikes a Black person.

Guess who help your transmitted your post across the Internet? Shirley Jackson a Black American woman.

Have you eve required a blood? If so thank Dr Charles Drew a Black American.

May I suggest a movie recommendation?

Watch Hidden Figures.

Who knows…maybe just maybe someday you might see value in finding valuable talent across racial, culture lines.


There’s being proud of your race, and then there’s screaming “White people are the best people that ever happened to the world!” and “Fuck yeah white people!” at a diverse group of others.


I get what you are saying but his point about Africa still hasn’t been refuted. Either IQ is real or it isn’t. Asians have higher IQs than whites. Whites have higher IQs than Hispanics and Blacks. It’s just the way it is.


There is a war on white people right now. Nothing the boy said in the video was wrong or incorrect.


Do you believe all men are created equal? If you do, then when the boy said “white people are the best” is incorrect.

If you believe white people are inherently superior to other humans simply because of their skin color, then be explain how that came to be. Not culture, mind you - skin color.


Where did the subject state “white people are the best” and “white people are superior to other humans”?


What the subject said was “White people are the best people that ever happened to the world.”


Explain what about Africa?


:rofl: that’s hilarious. There is a Nigerian and a Venezuelan sitting not 10 feet away from me right now I’ll guarantee are more intelligent than you.


Past tense along with examples of advancement and achievement relevant to the era.

Which would be in response to the current ridiculousness of white privilege.


Of course not. That’s a ridiculous platitude referring to the eyes of the government. And even then it’s silly.

Even if it were true, they wouldn’t stay that way longer than 5 seconds.


Noble sentiments/ideologies are chock a block full of ridiculous platitudes.


Glad we could agree.


Truer words have never been spoken. If it weren’t the truth we wouldn’t be inundated by hordes of brown people from the third world - desperate to storm the borders here in the US and in Europe.


The globalist PR propaganda of hate is working to mold the weak minded.




You forgot to include Marcus Garvey who should really be at the top of your list because of his inspiring Pan-Africanism


It sure has a lot to do with genetics.


The 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene confers an increased risk for shooting and stabbing behaviors.

Also a smaller frontal brain lobe exposes them to lower rational thought patterns.

This is science.


Simple, tribalism. It has nothing to do with race.