CIA document on Mars civilization

CIA knows advanced civilization(s) existed on Mars which got obliterated either by war or by comet strike.
CIA also knows that there were survivors of this cataclysm who reached Earth to start all over again.

Where did they come from? Jupiter?

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That document is a little suspect…

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The CIA huh?

they couldnt find the worlds wanted terrorist on this planet yet they know what goes on other planets?

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They themselves created bin ladens here and there.

Oh, Bin Laden (who had a serious kidney problem but looked younger and younger as he made various video appearances) was hiding in a building across from the Pakistani military compound for years, watching porn movies. Come on.

Were they the ancestors of the Socialist Democratic Party Candidates???

The website seems genuine.
It’s probably their psyop to slowly bring the sleeping sheeple up to date on what’s really happening.

Same for NASA scientist John Brandenburg openly saying Mars civilization was nuked millions of years ago.

Lol they googled it.

Well that was entertaining.

Don’t thank me.
Thank the CIA.

It’s a supposed transcript of a remote viewing session, none of which can be documented or supported with any hard evidence.

Once again you’re peddling BS as usual.

That’s an overstatement. :wink:

So you have to be disagreeable even when you agree…:wink:

Not nice to say such a thing to a US government agency.

The gov’t isn’t peddling this BS, you are.

I’m not part of the CIA.
You, on the other hand, may be a member of the Zionist faction within the CIA.

Nobody from the CIA posted this BS, it’s all yours.

I can’t post stuff using .gov

It didn’t magically post itself here did it? No, you posted it.

Once again, it’s a transcript of a supposed remote viewing and not one word of it has ever been corroborated.

This is weird but the boy (who looks totally out of place in a photo from Gettysburg) was a man from California

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