Campus police want students to report acts of 'bias'


:rofl: of course you do.


Whose morals would those be?


^^^ The government has told you who is a protected class and so you agree with it.

Do you take the side of the baker or the transgender that is suing him?

Do you think a male who is transgender should have access to a woman’s bathroom?

Where do you draw the line between common sense and decency vs. who defines what a protected class is for you?


The internal compass is provided by the government.


Antifa Soldaten durch die Campus marschieren.


What makes you think I only know discrimination because the government defines it for me? The government also defines marriage, but does that mean one can’t know what marriage means with the government telling them. I don’t give a shit what the government defines… I personally know that I don’t want to degrade someone based on their religion.

As to your bathroom question… I personally don’t think it matters who uses what bathroom. There is nothing today preventing a guy from using a girls bathroom or vice versa. I do not care.


Er, because you said so?

You must not have children. If you had a little girl you damn well would care.


I just used the classes listed in the OP as a quick reference. That does not mean that my morality is defined by the government.

Also, I do have a daughter. When she walks in a bathroom a man can walk in right after her today. There is nothing preventing it. She needs to learn to protect herself in all scenarios. A bathroom sign isn’t going to protect her from a creep


True. Everybody discriminates daily.

It used to be the being called discriminating was a compliment…usually meant to imply that one displayed refined tastes and good judgement.

To differentiate between good and bad (preferred and not preferred) is likely the most exercised decision we make in any given day.

It is when comparisons apply to religion, gender, race, ethnicity and such that there should be no denigration attached to any of them.


When I was in college the campus cops mainly made sure parking was enforced.

Clearly these schools have funded their campus police to the point that they need to find things to do.


My apologies for taking you at your word.

No, but you supposed to protect her from a creep. You could be a part of the minority that doesn’t want a degenerate following his daughter into a bathroom while you sit twiddling your thumbs waiting for her to come out pretending that all is well in la la land because discernment is not defined by you but what the government tells you.

Quite frankly, I doubt you have a daughter based on your post. Just as much as I doubt your “on the front line” well placed client.


Discernment has become a bad word. Yet, discernment is a talent that can be finely honed over years of experience.

Discrimination has been twisted into negative concept or to mean something racist. “I have discriminating tastes”. “I can discern the difference between a cheap red wine and a fine wine”.


I protect her by teaching her to protect herself. Again a bathroom sign isn’t enough to protect my daughter from a creep coming into the restroom.


An act of bias is discrimination in your world???

Someone makes a biased comment and it’s discrimination???

If on of the progressive morons attending classes and makes a biased remark about Trump should it be reported???



Yeah, no… You are supposed to be.

The JOB of a parent is to protect their child.

Sure, you can teach them how to protect themselves, but that does not absolve you of your primary duty.

If you see a creep (discernment dismissed while you check off what you are allowed and permitted) following your female child into the bathroom you are seriously going to rely on your training of her if she is only 8 years old?

You have GOT to be kidding me.


Well if it is a unisex bathroom, my 7 year old daughter wouldn’t be in the restroom by herself. If I am with my 7 year old daughter… she is likely going into the men’s bathroom with me and not by herself.

You make a lot of assumptions.


So now it is a unisex bathroom and you are accompanying her or it is a men’s bathroom and you are accompanying her vs. you taught her to protect herself.

At least you moved the goal posts in a positive direction.

See, you do discriminate against more than coffee don’t you?


You are very confusing and you can’t following an argument. Maybe on the next one we can do better


When dealing with the PC Left and their demands I think Evan Sayet got a lot correct some years back. At its core theirs is a magical belief that somehow once no one believes, as Lennon put it, there’s nothing to kill or die for (and all that jazz) the world will become a wonderful place. It’s small wonder that the same sort of people too often seem to fall for the radical proposition and likewise dreamily think that there’ll be something for them after their insipid Revolution happens.

It’s been about 30 years ago that a professor I liked showed The Wall in the common area of an upperclassman dorm and then opened the room for discussion. What I found interesting is that every comment was about the record as if the movie had could not or cannot stand on its own. I pointed this out, suggesting that with the movie they had meant to convey things that commentary about the records didn’t present. When asked what I meant I gave them two examples, the first was how Pink’s infidelity in the movie put the song in a sarcastic light (she was cheating on him) but the second really got the professor’s attention when I suggested that the fascistic overtones for the band in the movie could be explained because Pink, coming to think his society was utterly corrupt might be said to have simple mindedly looked at what his parent’s generation claimed was most corrupt, and since they were bad, that must be good.

The professor called that analysis scary.

But decades since the “fascism” is really owned by the Left, as the radicals have been stuck on Stupid long enough for it snowball in their faces. Now they are mindlessly swept along by every whimper and every sniffle of outrage but always to the socialists’ who call the dance. They are such individuals that you can hardly tell them apart.

On the one hand they’ll tell you that even words must be cast aside because they’ve been used in the past to describe very bad things yet on the other hand no amount of horrors by Leftists since The Terrors in France matters one jot if you think their “ideals” should be shelved.

I recently posted a thread which I titled the New Bulverism in hopes of discussing observations about the abusive and manipulative rhetorical style of the far Left – like trying to discuss who had the cookies with dishonest five year olds is how I would characterize them.


I love my bias. I celebrate my bias.

Of course offending Leftists is a good excuse as any for more bias.