Brexit Betrayal



Of course it will, that is why the EU is trying so hard to prevent it, except they may well have over cooked their stance



Th new interpretation combine: the No Exit with Exit Deal and claim the populace doesn’t want to leave the EU.



Who the hell does he think he is? He is a nobody now and needs to be put out to grass!


Can’t this be legitimately classified as treason?


Did you know that Obama was doing crap like that to Trump. Trump had the g20 meeting, Obumer would be there a week earlier trying to smooth things over. Trump would meet China’s president, Obama would preempt, Trump would schedule Saudi A trip, Obama would go first.
IMHO the pupetmasters order these clowns on strings to run and confide that WE are still in charge. Blair was called out of the woodworks to chime in for the terrorist banksters and he’s so obvious.


No such thing as treason if you’re a politician.


Why was Germany’s £3.6 TRILLION war debt to Britain secretly written off in 1990? Asks MP

  • The UK government will have 3,500 troops on standby in the event of a no-deal Brexit, defence secretary Gavin Williamson has announced.
  • Williamson says that 3,500 soldiers would be “at readiness” in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
  • The news comes as the UK government announced that it would trigger all of its remaining emergency no-deal Brexit plans.
  • Theresa May’s deal appears likely to be rejected by MPs in January, increasing the likelihood of the UK leaving the EU without a deal in March.

LONDON — The UK government could deploy thousands of British Army soldiers in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has revealed.

Williamson told MPs on Tuesday afternoon that 3,500 soldiers would be “at readiness” in the event of a no-deal Brexit and would be deployed as requested by various government departments.

Williamson said the defence department would “have 3,500 service personnel held at readiness in terms of regulars and reserves in order to support any government department on any contingencies they may need.”

Soldiers could be deployed at British borders to try to help manage inbound goods and people, as well as in the event of civil unrest.

Government ramps up emergency no-deal planning

The news comes after Downing Street announced that it would trigger all of its remaining emergency no-deal Brexit plans.

Ministers agreed on Tuesday to allocate an extra £2 billion in funding to try and manage the chaos of leaving the European Union without a deal.

A Downing Street spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday that Cabinet had agreed to dramatically ramp up preparations for a no-deal scenario.

Government departments will now activate all contingency plans drawn up by civil servants, including a move to book space on ferries to ensure medical supplies arriving in the UK do not run out.

The Department for Exiting the EU will also end out 80,000 emails to UK business groups and roll out a nationwide advertising campaign warning firms to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.


Why?? - is Russia gonna invade if we don’t get a deal??


To contain Anna Soubry, Alistair Cambell and Vince Cable


Who the hell does Blair think he is? DOMINIC LAWSON on the former PM’s outrageous one-man mission to Brussels as he pushes for a second referendum


Yep and the sky will cave in, a meteorite will wipe us all out and you will have to pay a fiver more to go to France. So best stay then. It’s not too late!


I’m more convinced than ever that the Brexit fiasco was all part of the plan.
TPTB(maybe even the Queen) told May to get us out(with no deal) and do it in such a way that she can claim plausible deniability - I did my best but was thwarted by DUP/Labour/bigots.
So she came up with a deal that she knew absolutely no-one could agree with except the EU
Argue abt the deal for 18mths until its too late and we have no choice but to leave without a deal bc with no deal there’s nothing for Parliament to vote on so they can’t stop it, which I think is what TPTB were worried abt


A trade deal with the EU should only be a consideration after we have left. Trade deal and leaving are two very separate things. We voted to leave.


And leaving has to deliver the following


From yesterdays PMQ’s

The Prime Minister has been quite robust in recent days in both ruling out a second referendum and pointing out that the only way for MPs to avoid a no-deal Brexit will be to vote for her deal. - She already knows that MP’s will not vote for her deal so what is she playing at?


We have all (myself included) been overly obsessed with the Brexit “process” over the past year. It’s time intelligent Brits and commercial opinion leaders focused on the disastrous global economic picture….and woke up to the last thing we should be on March 30th 2019: members of the European Union. Sometimes, the radical view is the responsible one. We are approaching one of those moments in history.


Non performing loans in the EU @ about 3.7%… UK 0.7%.