Brexit Betrayal



Excellent! :smile:


What are you suspicious about Mag ?


Not sure just that it seems much like the Occupy and Arab Spring protests. - Rumour has it that Both of those were staged by TPTB and went nowhere
Yeah I know I’m a paranoid tin foil hatter but…

Just feels a bit too stage managed to me


Not suggesting that mate, just wanted to know your thoughts on it. I never rule anything out and don’t give a shit what the conspiracy haters say. It takes a while for the truth to emerge and we only seem to get it after years of people slowly piecing things together.
People assume you desperately want a certain outcome when in reality, we just want the truth. Some happy to blindly accept everything and some don’t accept official data as a default position.


The greatest excuse to date, we need them to support the SS system. The laughable part is most have a 10th grade or less education most will make at best minimum wage. Most will collect welfare benefits costing far more than they contribute. Come will add to the prison population. Many will collect EIC and contribute nothing.

And politicians have suckered Americans into believing this idiocy.


Artificial Intelligence.


Don’t get me going.

Direct democracies fail when the average man realizes he can use the power of the state to strip wealth and redistribute it.
Who the hell would work harder if his extra results are given to some lazy idiot?

Let’s stick to Brexit, it’s interesting.


I see. The initial point being we were at the forefront of that age and the idiots who think we need the EU as some sort of comfort blanket and no ability to stand alone are deluded.


Despite my many attempts at staying simple, I am not a simple man.

You are correct that we are at the forefront of several interwoven ages.
Collectivism v Nationalism
Statism v individualism
Industrial, Information, AI… The revolution never ends, it just goes around (Cheap “Under Siege” reference.)
Default currency

My 50% ancestral homeland of Britain has always punched above its weight in the club of great nations by leveraging its advantages to cover its island weaknesses. Why should one EVER bet on others when you can bet on yourself?

This Yank says come out and fight in the “gentleman’s brawl” going on between the first world and the emerging nations, several of which were (less than kindly) shepherded by Britain.

The EU was, for a moment, an interesting idea to be more like the USA economically, but was overwhelmed by the liberal communist scum that inhabit the bureaucratic regulatory hysteresis levels.


You can keep it that simple.


Darn, I thought that “hysteresis” would throw it off.

Thank you.


Brexit is the perfect example of individuals/elected circumvent the will of the people.


Islam is a theocracy, not a religion. TO HELL WITH ISLAM!


Keep going till you get the result you want.




and this is the kind of clap trap they will use to make it happen.

You defeat these people by beating the shit out of them.



Guess they are hoping for a deadlock.


Or another opportunity to rig it because they failed to do so the first time round as they were arrogant enough to believe they would walk it.


Anything to deny democracy - this won’t end well for MPs