Brexit Betrayal



Brexiteers are the only honest people left in Tory politics


UK court rules Scotland partly overstepped powers over Brexit bill



That will make Jimmy Krankie whine a bit :grin:


Actually they bring violent gangs like MS-13 that kill and rape as part of their initiation rights.


The left is still trying to stuff an NHS-like solution down our throats. We are lucky that we worked hard enough for people to get a taste of Gov Healthcare, Obama(Doesn’t)Care, before they demanded a shitty meal of it.


Yes I see that is a problem and of course wasn’t suggesting that border to be open but saying keep an eye on the enemy within, your muslim population as they will make the other invaders seem like fluffy kittens in time.
They promote the religion of peace and as the numbers rise so does their neanderthal behaviour.


No prob. We took Islamists seriously after Sept 11, finally… After Iran prisoners under Carter, Lebanon barracks bombing, Cole (Navy ship) bombing, the first WTC bombing. :roll_eyes:

They have to be more picky about where and how they try thier evil here. The libbys in “gun free zones” are sadly trying to appease the unappeasable. Out in the American hinterlands, we are an armed, trained, martial people.

Before we go to public events, I brief my family on what to do in case of this-or-that, and where to scatter and meet. if needed.


Sorry about the topic segue. Back to the issue:

Can you more UK/EU focused people point me to a good article on what happens with the March(?) default Brexit?


Pop into the Rabbit Hole Jen has post a flow diagram of all the possible permutations.


I don’t see it.


I just posted a link


Thank you.

The problems are:

4 paths end in “No deal”, what does that mean? SOSDD? (I will translate WWII American for the audience here, I am not so nice in other threads: “Same Old Shit Different Day”.)

My main question is what happens on Mar. 29, 2019 if everybody’s still at loggerheads?


Legislation currently says we leave, do not have to pay divorce bill and go straight to WTO rules.

It is actually a very good deal but the left consider it catastrophic.

EDIT: I shouldn’t have said the left above, I say the globalists will likely be screaming for referendums and meaningful people votes on doing other deals etc. I say globalist as there are plenty of them in what is considered to be the party on the right.


Jump in with us fighting China on Tariffs, the water’s fine.

I know that it is only a snapshot in time, and would be affected by Brexit, but: I loved the old episode of Top Gear where they lined up everything built/made in the UK.

America and the UK need more of that and less of this other garbage.


My sentiment exactly, I always give the loons “what about the industrial revolution ? Do you seriously think we can’t function alone ?”

Once out, the EU will prob be only too happy to have a free trade agreement.


There have been 2.2 revolutions since then, but who’s counting.

The future is ours to chart.


What do you consider to be the .2 ?


In reality not much, we will no longer be controlled from the EU and EU’s ECJ will have no jurisdiction over the UK, We don’t pay the EU £39bn, we are free to conclude as many trade deals as we wish, free to deport and exclude anyone who is not welcome in the UK and we will continue to trade with Europe, possibly on the same terms as we did before. A World Trade Deal under WTO rules is now the best option for the UK


I’m still a bit suspicious abt the yellow vests but hope I’m wrong