Brexit Betrayal




You say Tomatoes, we say tomatoes :wink: Same thing really, the EU is on its way to being CommunistGorbachev


Am I surprised…?



This is why I always said from the day the people voted to leave… While inconvenient, globalists who actually do run the UK don’t really care if the country is in or out of the EU (while it is true that they would rather remain)… they are all aligned in the same direction. The only way the UK moves to a different drum is with a bull in the china shop leader like Trump and I am not sure Britain could handle it… it has succumbed to general socialism in the form of the ever hungry beast called the NHS long time ago… and wealth distribution discussions today are only concerned with the most efficient way to distributed it… Least wise, that is what my ears and eyes are telling me.


I want that too. I want our existing political class shaking in their boots. They have protected one another long enough. We have institutionalised voting and that has to be broken. I really don’t understand our “Better The Devil You Know” mentality.


I agree with you. A combination of Boris Johnson and Jabob Rees-Mogg would really screw them over


There is a pool of talent in the Conservatives who could do just that, but May will only have the brown noses. Last night was the “night of the anti democratic brown noses”


I think across the board they really need to be thinking of severing old ties. Within the present Tory MP’s Mogg, Boris etc will still have many Soubrys to contend with, constantly having internal battles. It’s like doing your every day tasks with an 80lb Bergen on your back.


You can’t ditch assets like JRM and BJ just because you have crap like Soubry around you ankles


I’m not saying ditch them mate but what are considered “Hard Line Brexiteers” are in the minority. Beyond Brexit this division will never be forgotten. If we don’t see a genuine Brexit it is my opinion they have to align with a party that are all on the same page and let the public decide. This situation is why so many people never vote.


He knows the idea of that like minded thinking makes sense but he won’t forego his own allegiance to the Tory party.


I agree. 2/3rds of Conservative MPs supported Treason May and her anti democratic “Remain in the EU deal”. IT is a betrayal of the UK electorate. They need to ditch the bitch and appoint someone with gonads, otherwise the party is fucked


“Bad deal” is subjective. In May’s deluded mind, hers might very well be a good deal. The Conservative party is Conservative in name only. We actually have a Lib Dem government. They hijacked the Tories, all 200 of them. Whilst I am a member and will troll them whenever I can like many other party members who are true Conservatives, as long as this government remains in their present form, my vote will go to UKIP.


They know that if May was voted out, then she would be replaced with a hard line Brexiteer. The Tory party are mostly remainers and they can’t have that! Like I said, most of them aren’t real Tories.


If we miraculously get Brexit past the post, then next battle will be the decommissioning of islam and neither of the big two (Lab/Cons) have the balls for that one.


I actually still think this all might have been planned.
Who is the person who will never be able to get a deal through parliament - May.
So unless they vote to delay Brexit(unlikely) we crash out in March
Don’t think there will be another referendum - too many against it.
This could all turn out good.


Its hard enough to keep up with all the players that I have no ability to vote for … hell, the local MP doesn’t want to waste time with me as a ‘non constituent’… but when you throw a curve like that… I was trying to ponder what I was reading and it didn’t make sense until I saw the date… :rofl:


I’d asked above but didn’t get an answer… I know that after the conservative party vote of no confidence that she can’t be challenged again for 12 months, but is their such a thing as a ‘parliamentary motion of no confidence’ that would trigger a general election? If so and labour along with the smp has the power to pull that off… what is the likelihood of Corbin becoming PM?.. That, if it happened rapidly enough, would maybe push for a new referendum or nullifying article 50 and brexit altogether?..


Yes there is and I believe there is one being planned, which I think she would just win. No one in their right mind would want Corbyn (the stupidest Socialist in the World) as PM, as he makes Treason May look like Einstein in comparison. Everyone knows that Corbyn and his cabal of Socialist numpties would utterly ruin the country