Brexit Betrayal



Ohh … please … PLEASE … don’t be wrong :pray:


Amendment rejected by 2 votes for Parliament to take control. Means May stays for now and achieve nothing. Nothing is getting passed. So we’re at the default position. :smile:


Corbyn’s amendment of extending Article 50 rejected 318 to 302 votes.


Its all the stuff it depends on they don’t have time for
1 - EU have to give permission for a delay of indeterminate time so they will propose length of time for delay
2 - Parliament has to agree what it wants the delay for
3 - Parliament has to vote on length of delay
4 - May will bring her deal back for a third vote

And none of that is in the order of business yet
May is running down the clock until 29th when we leave with no deal then she will resign, her job done - as ordered





Precisely. The UK government enacts a modification to the Law which currently states Brexit occurs on 29th, the modification says the new date is 2 months later (or whatever). The EU says “fekk-off, you’re leaving on 29th March”.

It is no-longer the UK government’s fault.
Secondary achievement, the EU now looks even more like a Pariah to the UK public.


Last I heard MPs have agreed to apply for an extension.


Last I heard, the motion to extend Article 50 was rejected, but May is applying for the extension anyway. Yawn, we already know what the answer will be.


Do your politicians represent the people?


Can’t see EU not giving permission, they want to keep taking the membership fee.


Thought it was a vote of 4xx to 2xx in favour of an extension ?

EDIT: Apparently May herself voted to delay Brexit, no surprise there !
Within a day of saying " We must Leave on the 29th" !


Only a very few.

About 10% in the House.
About 4-8% in the Senate.
And one President.


It’s not the EU, it’s the unanimous agreement of the other 27 member states. Macron has made it clear that he will not approve an extension, especially a short one as it it pointless and without “clear objective.” Salvini has said that the will of the people must be upheld and he will not approve an extension for that reason. I don’t trust Macron, but I think Italy will save our arses.


In which case, your representation could be worse than ours. We could be hitting 30%… maybe?


Yes but do we remember this ruling ?

So if the ECJ said they didn’t need the approval of member states to stop article 50 surely they have the same power to extend it ? They want our subscription money.


No. I don’t look at that Socialist mouthpiece.

It’s all over the place. Not long to wait now anyway.


It was more about the actual ECJ ruling rather than the rag delivering the message.

Anyway ECJ ruled they didn’t need approval of the member states to stop article 50…


That contradicts the ruling that all other 27 member states have to agree.


Exactly so when they want they can pull rabbits out of the hat. :grin:


“The ECJ rejected the argument from the Council of the EU and the European Commission that the UK could only take back its Article 50 notification with the unanimous consent of the European Council, meaning that all EU leaders would have to sign off on the UK reversing Brexit.”