Brexit Betrayal



Yeah I think that is the most likely reason.

Picked this up from Telegrath today - IDS sums things up beautifully.

What has followed in the intervening 80 years has been a collective deceit about the purpose of the European project. This can be seen in decision after decision taken on issues concerning the EU.


Brexit should signal a return to honest politics



Yeah right!!


I’m sitting in the Chamber of the House and I can’t help but hum ‘Hotel California’ — it’s the sort of place you can never leave. It reminds me of the Brexit impasse. However hard we try, we can’t seem to work a way through it.

I think it is also beginning to dawn on some of my colleagues, that if we don’t check out tonight – i.e. if we don’t support the Withdrawal Deal – we may never leave the EU. And yet, the vote seems almost certain to be lost thanks to a combination of Remain and Leave MPs determined to bury the Government’s plans.

It could be so different. Tonight, we could actually vote to leave the EU with a withdrawal deal that will ensure stability in our relations with the European Union. We could finally begin to bring an end to this phase of the Brexit saga. We could begin to get on with the next phase of negotiations. More importantly, we could get back to governing and to producing the ideas, teamwork and leadership that Conservative Governments are meant to deliver.

Instead, we are going to take a leap into the unknown and prolong the Brexit purgatory.

I voted Brexit. So did the Isle of Wight, my constituency. I want it to happen, but I fear that we are about to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. This entire episode is becoming a shambles that reflects appallingly on this current House of Commons.

Where to start?

A very small number of hardcore Conservative Remain MPs are doing everything in their power to block Brexit, using arcane tools of Parliamentary procedure to do so. There is no respect for the mandate of the people. There is simply a determination to overrule their constituents. Most Conservative Remain MPs, to their credit, are respecting the result and are supporting the Withdrawal Deal.

Labour have behaved with an opportunism that would be laughable would it not be so shocking. In debate after debate, Labour MPs despair of the impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit before declaring that they will not vote for the Withdrawal Deal, condemning us to the end result they say they most want to avoid — no deal. It is mendaciousness taken to high art.

And yet, and yet … my Brexiteer colleagues now seem intent on making sure that the Withdrawal Deal will fail to get the necessary support. We have a reasonable deal. It gives us much of want we want. Brexit is within our grasp. But instead, we are opposing it, making the perfect be the enemy of the acceptable. It’s true that the Backstop hasn’t been fully renegotiated, but the Attorney-General has said that additional legal powers have been obtained, making it even more unlikely that they will be needed. In addition, the Attorney-General has reminded MPs that, as a sovereign state, we could withdraw from the treaty, as we can from others.

Yet mention this to some colleagues, and the instant reaction is “betrayal”, What can one say?

There are now no good options. If we fail to vote this through, we could potentially bluff our way to no deal. It is possible but I don’t think the odds are on it. If Cabinet Ministers start to quit Government on a daily basis, the political reality will trump the legal technicalities. The Prime Minister may resign, leading to a leadership race. A General Election is possible. MPs may vote to take powers in relation to Brexit away from Government. Tomorrow we will have a series of votes on what happens next. Remain MPs in the Conservative Party and almost all Labour, SNP and Lib Dem MPs will ensure that the only Brexit voted for will be much watered down. So much for the tactical brilliance of my Brexit colleagues, whose sentiments I admire but whose tactics without strategy are beginning to feel like, in the words of the Chinese philosopher Sun Tsu, “noise before defeat”. I hope I am wrong.

We could opt for a simple outcome tonight, and overall, probably the best outcome: we could vote for the deal. Sadly, we are likely, with Conservative support, to vote it down again, guaranteeing that the wretched soap opera of Brexit continues. I wish Conservative colleagues would swallow their reservations and, echoing the mood of the people we represent, just get on with it.



My thoughts have not changed since very early on in this debacle.
I have believed that an underhanded plan was put into place just before David Davis felt the need to resign. May was working on a plan in isolation of her Brexit ministers in parallel with his efforts. I believe she had been instructed to follow the path she is on with a belief by those who orchestrated the plan, that the outcome will be to get the process back to a peoples vote to remain in the Union. With the foregone knowledge that enough scaremongery would be poured upon the British public through state media (BBC and News corps that help the establishment in these times in exchange for juicy coverage later), such that when the time comes to vote again, the British public would overwhelmingly vote to stay.
Tactics, to achieve whatever the EU heads of state have wanted, have been played in this way before and will continue in the future.
I hope I can come back here in a few weeks and say I was wrong. Let’s hope :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


“And yet, and yet … my Brexiteer colleagues now seem intent on making sure that the Withdrawal Deal will fail to get the necessary support.”

Bob seeley should know that placing the word Deal next to Withdrawal doesn’t make it a good deal. Same old shite. What is termed as “no deal” is in fact just BREXIT, ie: Leaving the EU.


It would be best to just walk away and negotiate trade deals after the fact.

Yet the EU still sets to control the UK via the deals process.


I would think so Lou but of course it is difficult for us mere mortals to form an opinion, as we are only fed the information that is released by the Gov and MSM.
I find it interesting that headlines such as this are finally coming out of the woodwork:

“Carney says no-deal damage could be less than feared”
6th March 2019

and this scaremongery headline from the BBC 12th feb:

Mark Carney says no-deal Brexit would be economic shock

It is all very sad.


May loses
May resigns
Snap election
My wet dream scenario


How does that benefit a clean break ?


Latest result BS live


revised bullshit deal voted down


They never give up trying to sell the citizens of the UK down the river.


Next stop article 50 extension. Then second referendum.

Everyone playing their part in the puppet show.

I have been ignoring all the crap and waiting for the 29th, got sucked in today.
Switched off again now until Brexit day.


I’ve been waiting for the 2nd referendum.

Guess it’s the last resort.




If my theory abt Brexit is correct, this is all being managed at a higher level than May.
So after May resigns…
The Privy council asks the Queen to prorogue parliament while a new government is elected
It is written in law that we leave on 29th so if parliament isn’t sitting that won’t change and we leave with no deal
Thats the rest of my wet dream
Boris becomes PM then I wake up :grinning:



Maybe her job was to make sure we never got a deal agreed



Agreed. I just don’t see May resigning before 29th.

Batten wrote to her about same, I think his reply is travelling second class.

It doesn’t stack up that way for me mate. If the plan was no deal all along, it could have been executed long before soft/hard Brexit raised its’ ugly head. This has had to been drawn out to create the illusion that government has been trying to avoid a crash landing and deliver a Brexit for everyone, simultaneously allowing the media & political machinery to spread fear and cast doubt, sufficiently so that as the finishing line is in sight, the public get the chance to flog themselves for such a stupid decision in the first place and return to the status quo, satisfied that they just averted a disaster and will never wish for this to happen again.
Then we get the measure of how many are willing to turn out and throw rocks.

Of course I hope you are right !