Brexit Betrayal



Yep it made my day too.
The remoaners are boxed in and don’t have enough time to do anything.
I still think TPTB planned this all along.


May is going and we leave on 29th.


Horseshit! many people cuss like a fuckin’ sailor just for the hell of it. I used to be that way. Then one day I said to myself, “Self, you gotta quit all this fuckin’ cussin’!” I’ve cut way down in the last twenty years, I but I still backslide noun then.

Many people use cuss words for emphasis…such as “You’re a fuckin’ idiot!” instead of “You’re and idiot.”…or “You’re a fucking joke!” instead of “You’re a joke.”

I think I’ve used all four of those examples in reference to you…and you have yet to drive me to anger. You just think you do that.

That fact, along with the unmitigated bullshit you post makes you a fuckin’ idiot.


BTW, your logic is flawed.


Exactly so - especially when triggered or wound up.


I’m hiding under your bed…RIGHT NOW! :rofl:

(You should dust more often)


Best way to deal with this type of hater is to ignore them.


It’s more of a frustration when a person cannot seem to get beyond their mantra of hate regardless of your effort.


I am not so much frustrated by expressions of hatred as I am amused by them.

Hate destroys the hater. Most times, the one being hated is not aware of the existence of the hate.


As I said before I hate lots of ppl and none of them are aware either. And if I recall this conv started when I made a comparison between the ‘‘open borders Brexit’’ agenda and Israels lack of defined borders. Nothing controversial there, I thought, just a statement of facts but you Hasbara guys managed to link it to anti-semitism AGAIN.
Its almost like you get paid in direct proportion to the number of times you can accuse someone of being anti-semitic.


More good news


Darn shame. Guess they were a bit over confident in their demands for the exit.



To hell with the Ides of March! Beware the 29th! :grin:


Bloody hell. At least May should be gone soon. That is why JRM said he would back May’s deal if she could sort out the backstop issue - just ensure there is a way out for the next leader. It seems like a real concerted effort to get rid of May now!


Meanwhile in Israel:



May’s deal would be so bad if the backstop was changed. With the backstop it’s terrible.


May’s deal isn’t a deal. It’s just another transition period which aims to tie us in with the backstop. Removing or putting an expiry to the backstop would allow whoever takes over a way out. I think they just want rid of May without permanently screwing ourselves.


Stu ! That article link has now been removed, gives me a 404


The thing everybody is overlooking is that when we are a little further up the road, and out of the EU (we hope), we simply say that the UK is not going to do that any more.


Who know’s what to believe ? I’m ignoring most of the day to day drama for the sake of my sanity. I only posted that as my brother emailed it to me along with some other expletives. Let’s see how the deck looks at 11pm on the 29th.