Brexit Betrayal



I don’t think so. I think it is a gamble to force MP’s to vote for her deal or postpone Brexit. It is a feeble attempt at blackmail, deliberately set at late in the day when there is no more time for any more renegotiation.

I learnt that the manifesto for the last election did not involve any of the cabinet. It was put together by May and her advisers. So, it set out to freeze the elderly, take food away from children and bring back foxhunting. I said it at the time, that she intended to lose seats to the LibDems so she could say the country doesn’t want Brexit after all. However it backfired because Corbyn offered loads of free stuff. And why did she call the election when she did as she had no need to as the Tories were sitting on a comfortable majority? Again it supports the argument that she intended to lose seats.

May is a Remainer and a conniving and dishonest one. She is not looking to run down the clock for a no deal Brexit. She is scheming to tie us into an extension period, during which no deal will be taken off the table, so we will be permanently tethered to he EU. This delay tactic is just another gamble, which I am sure will backfire so we will leave with no deal in the end because of all the pig headed incompetencies of those who are determined to thwart it.



Surely you cannot assign any validity to reports from that rag !?


Hell no! But what I think is irrelevent I’m just the messenger - Is it true - I don’t know or care very much but someone thinks it is.


A meaningful voice.

Amazing as I thought the vote was taken and the people made the decision final.

The EU is even considering making the UK stay in the block until 2021. Pretty funny as if they had that power.


The EU [CB] are panicking, they do not want the UK to break away, this would be a disaster for the EU and it would expose the EU and other countries would follow.


After May’s defeat, she went back and forth to Brussels, but as far as I know, the EU have not budged. She has a revamped deal which she will put to Parliamentary vote on March 12th now. I have no idea if it is any different to her previous one.


How can May do that without Parliamentary approval? Parliament has already ruled out abolishing no deal. What she is trying to do is to rule out Brexit, because there is only one true Brexit, what the people voted for, and that involves being out of the customs union.


They voted at the end of January to specifically rule out no deal. Not a legally binding vote, but they’re on record.

There’s not a majority constituency in favor of no deal. Not in the public, not in parliament and not in Govt.

The people voted for something that wasn’t possible. So now we’re only left with several bad options.

And I don’t believe the customs union was at the forefront of most leave voters minds. Immigration and the often undefined “sovereignty” were.


Typical bedwetter view. Get a back bone you remoaners are just a bunch of weak, feeble losers. If you feel better about being part of the EU so much, go and live in a member country. We voted leave. That doesn’t mean being shackled in any way, deal with it or go forth !


Nah, I’d rather convince my MP to ignore the non-binding referendum instead.

Or convince him to vote in favor of holding another one. He’s been pretty amenable so far.

Parliament is Sovereign, that’s how our system of Government works. If you want to live in a direct democracy, you can always move to Switzerland maybe. At least while you’ve got an EU passport.


You just need to let the weakness leave your body and stand up straight and proud and not be stuck in your losing mole hole.
It doesn’t matter the reason why people voted to leave, the choice was leave yes or no, it’s simple and you whiners need to suck it up and get on with it. I don’t know what age you are but I wager under 35. Such a weak generation in general.


Once again, we don’t live in a direct democracy. You seem to think your vote was in some way binding - it wasn’t.

Not my fault if you thought otherwise. I knew mine certainly wasn’t.

So i’ll continue talking to my MP, whose vote actually will matter, and see how things pan out.

I’ll be ok either way, even if the economy tanks as a result of a no-deal Brexit. It will just mean my long term plans might have to change a bit, largely depending upon how Spain treats expats etc.

And yeah i’m just a smidge under 35 at 34 :wink:


Fucking typical, main concern was how Spain will treat expats. That comment and your age says it all lad. I won’t be engaging any further.


Is Mark changing his mind I wonder - this could be a good sign! If anyone knows which way the wind is blowing our head honcho should

‘‘Mark Carney has hitherto been a mild and rather mocking critic of Brexit. But earlier this month he made some thoughtful remarks that deserve closer attention than they have so far received. Discussing the worldwide revolt against international trade and the commitments underpinning it, he said: “In many respects, Brexit is the first test of the new global order. It could prove the acid test of whether a way can be found to broaden the benefits of openness, while enhancing democratic accountability… [through] a better balance of local and supranational authorities.” The logic implies a radical critique of everything the EU stands for; and that in turn implies a strong endorsement of Britain’s decision to quit.’’


And if you get the ‘‘wrong’’ answer again? - Best of 3??


Why not? Then why was it an option on the ballot paper?

It was certainly at the forefront of Project Fear. Do you want me to post the speech where Cameron threatened “out of the customs union” 28 times? We heard and we voted.

Would the second one be legally binding or would that depend on the result?


May should call the Remainers bluff and refuse to extend Brexit. If they resign the government will not have a majority, at which point it is a general election is likely on the cards. Then those Remainers can be de-selected by the party, and with Corbyn now backing a second referendum, the Conservatives should have a clearer path to a majority.

The weak link is May, since she promised not to contest the next referendum, meaning their resignations could cost her job.


May has been clever and offered a vote to extend after the March 12th vote. This buys her time, and probably, makes no deal even more likely since MPs will feel more comfortable rejecting May’s deal when they have a fall back option. The DUP and rebels Tory’s can then pull down the government and run the clock down so we default to a no-deal.


:slight_smile: That wasn’t my main concern when I voted. It’s definitely one of my major concerns on a personal level, being able to live in Spain for some of the year would be a big bonus. As would being able to work there or start a business there.