Brexit Betrayal



I would say yes, or maybe you are just being honest and Dev isn’t. :rofl:


Sourfaceberry is complaining of getting deseated by Purple Momentum! :joy: So @Exodus, infiltration is working!




Hello Jen, I have been carefully avoiding this thread because … well, actually I am still trading and I need time to do that.

Also, I am completely hacked-off with Brexit. It has now become an even greater pissing contest than the Referendum campaign. I can see us being sold up the river, or down the river, by those who are supposed to know what they are doing. I realise lately that we desperately need a Trump-like figure, a business person who knows where they are going and how to drive for it. We have a bunch of limp-wristed career politicians whose main skill is being able to side-step blame whilst pandering to the popular focus.

So … Purple Momentum … I take it that is not a euphemism. It is time I got on board. I can see the rosette now… lovely!


‘Instead of standing up to this, like Labour should have stood up to Momentum, we are falling into the same trap. Both main parties are broken.’

This quote from Soubry says it all.

One could rewrite this as “we the MPs are in danger of being deposed by the party members”.

I wonder if any of them stopped to think about why that could be…


Yep. :smile:

I also hear that Labour is fracturing itself with Chuka and some others breaking free.


Yes, 7 back bench MPs gone today.


“Honda have been very clear – this decision has been made because of global trends and is not related to Brexit. The Turkey factory will also close as all European market production is being consolidated to Japan where the company is based. This consolidation is made easier by the new EU-Japan trade deal which will allow Honda to produce their cars in Japan and import them into the EU, rather than produce the cars in Europe.”

So there you have it: the bluff is thereby called of those claiming that the UK needs to be in a customs union with the EU like Turkey. And they also need to explain, if the decision is supposed to be about Brexit, why it is that production is not being moved to another EU member state rather than Japan which, last time I checked, is not a member of the EU…


Chuka says they will form a new party within months and are expecting Tory defectors. What happens to their seats? As independents, they get to retain their seats till the next GE - surely that is not right! There needs to be by elections. We did not vote for an independent MP, but for a representative of a party. I think the potential Tory defectors are going to jump ship and cling on to their seats, before they are pushed out by the purple Momentum.


Honda have said more than once that this decision has nothing to do with Brexit.


CU was on the box last night claiming that people voted for the person, not the party.

I see they are already out of touch with the electorate…!


This would be a great time for MAYbe to call a general election :smiling_imp:


Early General Election might be on the cards should two further Tory MPs defect.

If we get 10-ish Tory’s defecting, we could see a Labour government.




Well said Nigel. Utter traitors they are!


Looks like we gonna leave with no deal

''Because if we say we will never, ever leave without a deal, the EU would know, for certain, that they can stop Brexit in its tracks simply by refusing to agree a deal with us. Or, if they’re feeling subtle, by offering a bad deal they know Parliament will turn down. Either way, they’d know we’d blink. Faced with those options, we couldn’t take either of them. We would have no choice. We’d have to go cap in hand and beg the EU to delay the day we leave.

And at a meeting of the Conservative Party’s National Convention of senior volunteers in Oxford on Saturday, BBC News ( reports that the Prime Minister told the assembled gathering that Brexit must not be delayed:’'


What do you think of May postponing the vote?


Well, I never knew!


She has restated (again today I believe) that Brexit is happening on 29th March. This could be manoeuvring to ensure that there is insufficient time for zealots to derail the process by enacting a repeal or something.


In rugby its called running out the clock - shes got what she wants(no deal Brexit) and now shes just pretending there is a chance of a deal to keep everyone happy.
She really has played a blinder - what she has done was just about the only option to ensure a no deal Brexit.
Now she will leave with a big fat pension and ride off into the sunset.