Brexit Betrayal



What do you think you will be doing 11pm on the 29th March? :grin:


Celebrating with a few…



Getting the wine out for the count down to midnight


I recommend everyone get a few extra supplies in over the next few days and weeks.

I don’t think there will be an inability to get food into the UK.

However when a no deal is imminent, people will panic and descend on shops like locusts and we could see some shortages because of that panic.

I intend to get a big bag of potatoes, and lots of eggs, as well as some powdered milk. Better safe than sorry.


I will be out of the country on the 29th. By the time I’m back mid April, it will be either totally normal like nothing has happened or the roads will be strewn with bodies and anarchy has broken out.


Congrats on kicking May in the arse again.


Thanks, your support is appreciated



Celebrating the 10th day of Spring…and the 2nd day of the last quarter of the moon cycle…and the fact that I still have over 2 weeks to file an extension. :grin:




EU asset managers are actually considering moving to the UK because of Brexit.


There always had to be movement both ways. All the companies with only operations in the EU have to set up a base in the UK - wonder how many those are.


Totally agree, but the news has been biased against Brexit, not balanced

“EU fund managers are up in arms over EU rules which would force them to trade dual-listed shares on uncompetitive EU exchanges after Brexit if the Commission refuse to give them access to London after Brexit.”


I think and hope this is bollocks but…


How can it not happen? We had another batch of proposals all shot down yesterday - nothing is getting through Parliament, which is great… tick tock, tick tock… :grinning:


I just need enough fuel in the car to get out of the country. :smiley: Fill up on the 28th! Fuel is more important than food!


That’s one way to solve the problem lol


I don’t think anyone believes she has any academic assets :rofl::rofl:



How embarrassing! How gross! :face_vomiting:


…still would lol

Is there something wrong with me :frowning: