Brexit Betrayal



Yes, referendums are not legally binding. We are a Parliamentary Democracy, not a Direct Democracy.

Whether a Govt or party can get away with ignoring them is a political question, not a legal one.

Some people have a habit of framing the referendum as if it was an election; it wasn’t.


No it was much more important than an election.
We very rarely get asked abt policy, normally we just get asked whether we want the red pill or the blue pill. And actually they are both placebos anyway, so this one was huge and represents real democracy working ie direct democracy.


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Brexit is just a diversion the real trouble will happen after we leave.

Did you know that for the first time since Mussolini France just withdrew its ambassador from Rome?



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The wheels are coming off the EU and it will be everyone for themselves.

Italy explores its own bilateral Brexit deal with Britain as its economic crisis nears danger level


Bye bye EU, bye bye.




Spot the biggest Europhile C…t. Obvious wasn’t it?



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We have a precious choice between democracy or permanent second-class statehood




I try to not judge people based upon their looks. However, what people deliberately publish by way of images of themselves tells a lot about their character. This woman is NUTS!