Brexit Betrayal



UKIP Leader Gerard Batten petitions Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP has petitioned Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue Parliament until after the United Kingdom has left the European Union on 29 March 2019.

Concerned that Members of Parliament are using the current session to attempt to delay or stop Brexit entirely, the UKIP Leader has petitioned Her Majesty to discontinue the current session of Parliament without dissolving it (proroguing).

The UKIP Leader writes,

"It is evident that these same Members of Parliament are attempting by all and any means to thwart this result. They are accordingly in breach of their pledges to you and us, your citizens, and of a long-standing Constitutional convention whereby Parliament must implement the will of the people expressed in a popular vote and are bound by electoral manifestos which have received popular assent at General Elections.

“Therefore, I ask Your Majesty to thwart their efforts and to prorogue Parliament from now until after 29th March 2019 which is the agreed date set aside in the Withdrawal Act of Parliament of 2018 when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.”

Mr Batten also notified Her Majesty that the 1992 Treaty on European Union is treasonous,

"In 1992 the House of Commons passed into Statute the Treaty on European Union. This Treaty and Statute purport to make Your Majesty a ‘citizen of the European Union’. The Treaty states that Your Majesty as a ‘citizen of the Union’ will ‘enjoy the rights conferred by this Treaty and shall be subject to the duties imposed thereby’. To presume to convey rights on, or to impose duties on Your Majesty was, and remains, unlawful and treasonous under the Bill of Rights, and the Coronation Oath. Your Majesty’s ministers were gravely in error and wrongly advised you."



When is the actual hard deadline? March 29th?


Let’s hope this is true


Yes. We need to get there without any more great drama.


This is the type of disingenuous headline the BBC (Brussels Broadcasting Corporation) is famous for. Less than 10% of UK businesses directly trade with the EU and the core survey was based on only 1200 UK businesses

Brexit: Third of UK businesses considering move abroad - survey


Really? :thinking: What, even when our corporate tax drops to 10%? Yeah, right. :roll_eyes:


I know :man_facepalming:, and not a mention of EU companies setting up in the UK to get away from their EU overlords


The EU Fascists are at it again

The UK has objected to Gibraltar being described as a “colony” in European Union legislation allowing UK nationals to travel to the EU after Brexit.


‘Shameful’ BBC fails to broadcast Farage speech despite showing Verhofstadt speech


Ceuta? Melilla? Spanish and the EU don’t have much to say about them.


Exactly right, the French have some as well


Jeez if she did that, would it prove my theory?



I should say so. However…







Unfortunately, most of those items cannot be implemented whilst we controlled by our EU overlords and EU legislation. Once we leave, (assuming Treason May and the traitor MPs don’t keep us tied to the EU) we will be free to do so