Brexit Betrayal



Ok, I laughed my backside off!

That guy sounds like a Monty Python skit that got a little too real!

I’m not sick and tired, but I am sick and tired of being told that I am…


If logic is hemlock to liberals, humour is napalm.


At least it is non binding. I couldn’t see that mentioned in the earlier BBC reports


The ins and outs.


Thanks Stu, that helps


This is all Bercow’s fault where any MP can now table amendments instead of just the government. More mess.


I still think May has played a blinder - Brexit with no deal is now almost guaranteed and it will all be the EU’s fault


Still time for chicanery. The globalist will be desperate to pull something out of the hat. Royal intervention, an “event” which they can pass off as caused by Brexit crisis…etc etc who knows.
Eu have said no further deals to be made, May should be coming out and saying the obvious. I have no intention of trying to negotiate any further deals, we leave end of March, end of story.
It was stated just after the vote that deals won’t be struck until the eleventh hour, so there was never really any point in this 2.5 year fiasco, accept for time to undermine the whole process.


More by chance than by design. May isn’t that bright.


I think we all underestimate the power of the 1922 committee and the Queen.
May is only following orders from above


Well you can buy a no deal Brexit box if you’re worried about starving to death. :sweat_smile:


Yep more fear mongering from the Remoaners


I sincerely hope you are right Mag.


The other thing on our side is the EU elections - If we haven’t left by May we will have to fight the EU elections - not gonna happen


Ah yes and if Brexit doesn’t happen, then the EU will be filled with UKIP or Farage’s new party’s MEPs. They wouldn’t want that.


They could use the £39bln now to buy a food mountain to shut up all the whining losers.


Exactly, and thats why Tusk et al are being so intransigent


The EU say many things, most of which cannot be believed


Yes exactly so May should just come out and say to the masses, “You’ve heard them they won’t talk turkey” and don’t chase them. Will they really not want a chance of grabbing that £39bln ?


The EU desperately need the £39bn

A Warning About Europe

Market strategist Russell Napier is predicting another global financial crisis as the ratio of non-financial debt to economic activity is now 234 per cent compared to 210 per cent, the level it reached in December 2007, just before the last credit crisis.

The key consequence of the coming collapse will be “the destruction of the euro. The expected success of the Far-Right and Far-Left in the European parliamentary election in May augurs the beginning of the end for the currency union.” Both favour policies that are incompatible with a single currency.

The collapse of the euro is likely to begin with the imposition of capital controls by key Eurozone countries.

Napier says: “In the financial, political and social maelstrom of a Eurozone dissolution, investors should not expect property rights to be respected.”

However “the UK, where democracy and the rule of law will remain largely unchallenged, will become an attractive safe haven investment for European investors facing increasingly authoritarian regimes and property sequestration” on the Continent.

In the next global financial crisis, risks will be highest in Europe.


There you go, so May should just call them out on their hard ball stance. They will be the ones who have to come with tail between legs. Unless of course they are confident that there really is something up the sleeve of the globalists and so the merry go round continues to spin.

Had a gut full of it just want to jump in the DeLorean now and head for 29th March.