Brexit Betrayal



May couldn’t negotiate her way out of a ripped wet paper bag


I’m going to be out of the country on March 29th. Can I claim asylum in France? :rofl:


Nah but you need to make sure you are back in UK before we leave coz all air travel to Europe will stop after that


Just bring back a car load of French Sticks as we will all be starving to death !



He complains about the UK’s democratic process, yet the EU is undemocratic to the core. Verhoftwat is a Brexit supporters wet dream. If UK citizens want to understand why Brexit won the day, this idiot is a prime reason


The men in grey suits are running the show - They could get rid of May tomorrow if they wanted to and will after she takes us out of EU We can then claim plausible deniability and play the victim, blaming EU.
JMHO but it was always planned this way

Do you really think that May(a remainer) could prevail against the 22 - she is following orders.

All six members of the executive (Brady, vice chairs Cheryl Gillan and Charles Walker, secretaries Bob Blackman and Nigel Evans, and treasurer Geoffrey Clifton-Brown) backed Brexit, and the 22 has long been led by the Tories’ Eurosceptic wing.


Ahh! The great shell game of three card Monty!


Do they just call them “sticks” in France ? :rofl:


If there was to be a second referendum and 3 options were proposed - stay, leave with May’s deal or leave with no deal - under election rules, they cannot put forward those 3 options together. Obviously, that would be what the Remainers would want, to dilute the leave vote. They would have to do it in two stages, like the French system. Firstly, it would be remain or leave. If leave wins, then it would be deal or no deal. However, that isn’t my concern. My concern is it will be rigged. They failed to rig it the first time because they were so arrogant that remain would win. Now they want another go.


I hope we have the balls to exit with a no deal. I worry our parliament might try and fuck things up.


What’s the rule Jen, I agree the question would be like stacking the board for Remain, but didn’t think there was a rule against it.



May And Corbyn had chat after PMQ’s: Interested in exploring details around a customs union !!!


Recap: What’s been the reaction to the Commons Brexit votes?

The Brexit train has trundled on today, with reaction across Europe to the decision by Theresa May to return to Brussels and seek “alternative arrangements” to the Irish backstop.

In the Commons at Prime Minister’s Questions, Jeremy Corbyn and the prime minister battled over what was next, as the Labour leader sought further detail on what would change and where Mrs May was willing to compromise.

Following PMQs, the two party leaders met for talks on what was next for Brexit. Labour described the talks as “serious and engaged”, suggesting the prime minister was “interested in exploring details” around a customs union.

Politicians in Ireland criticised the backstop rejection, with Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney urging the prime minister to seek consensus before negotiations “ran out of road” and others accusing the prime minister of acting in bad faith.

In the European Parliament, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and many MEPs were also critical - suggesting the withdrawal agreement would not be open for renegotiation and calling for a clearer direction of desire travel from Westminster.

And the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier says the Irish backstop is “part and parcel” of the UK’s Brexit deal and will not be renegotiated.


This is the UK version of Preppers!!!


Looks like a person can get a 60 meal bucket of survival meals (Wise freeze dried foods) for about $100. Somebody is profiteering on Brexit.

I keep a 60 day supply of (regular) food on hand at all times, and a near life supply of bullets… :wink:


Why does all this remain hype remind me of the movie “28 Days Later”?


Brexit: Why Dutch fear no deal will leave onions to rot

………. but there is a solution at the bottom of the article



I agree! Now May is heading back to Brussels to renegotiate? This is insane!


“May and Corbin had a Chat”

That should be the title of the story on how they deceptively plotted to derail BREXIT!


:joy::joy::joy: Corbyn probably regaled her with memories of him playing with his Che Guevara Action Man and the time he had a dream where Socialism actually worked, but as to his opinion on the EU and Brexit?, he clueless on both subjects