Brexit Betrayal



We’ll take all of yours if you’ll take all of ours! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your libtards are too scary and aggressive and you’re much better at dealing with ISIS nutjobs than we are. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that ALL libtards are scary…since they are mentally challenged.


Sorry but we are over run with more every day.

Throw in a 20-30 million illegal hispanics and were pretty much topped off in immigration.


A little tongue in cheek :wink:


Well said.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Why? To stop people celebrating? :confused:


Sounds good to me. The rioting remainers will be shot. The Brexiteers have no need to be on the streets in the event of a no deal. :wink:

Of Course all based on the assumption we actually leave, I’m still not convinced. Really do need to see the fat bird sing !!


I can’t see a few bitter Remainers requiring martial law to keep them in check. Or is it because they are planning to stitch us up and need martial law contingencies in place for the inevitable riots? Or is it project fear again?


I should say martial law may be required if no recognisable Brexit happens. The only hope in that scenario is the military turn the guns on those that really need it. Government will be a good place to start.


I don’t know. Our police are no more than mercenaries now and I fear the army is probably the same.


Lets just hope if Brexit does go pear shaped enough of them have a conscience.



LONDON — Theresa May has defeated an amendment which could have forced her to delay Brexit.

MPs voted by 321 to 298 to reject an amendment brought by Labour MP Yvette Cooper, which was designed to allow MPs to force the prime minister to extend the UK’s negotiating time with the EU beyond March 29.

The defeat means the House of Commons will not now have the opportunity to vote on a new bill which could have forced May to seek an extension from the EU if no Brexit deal is agreed to by MPs by the end of February.

Any extension would have needed to be agreed unanimously by other EU leaders.

Musical chairs:
Where it stops nobody knows.


There is no end to the incompetence and stupidity of MPs



They are all affected by:
What will happen if we walk away.

There has been so much garbage put out that they generally, like all politicians have no clue as to which way is up.


I don’t understand that because it is non binding, then what is the point? Tusk’s spokesman has said there is no more negotiation to the Irish backstop, so it looks like we’re back to the impasse. Good news as Brexit is not to be delayed.


Non Binding vote is a signal to the EU that the UK parliament will crumble at the prospect of a no deal. Darn politicans determined to tie Mays hands.


I am sure Dev that the majority of the house knew that having a no deal card still available would give May her best lever in the negotiations. It therefore begs the question that because the vote ended this way, were the MP’s forced to vote under duress for Spelman’s amendment?
The bottom line is still that these A-holes are setting in motion the future for the population of the country.
I suspect this is similar to the republicans and democrats in the States. The war of the party’s becomes more important to the MP’s and Senators than the good of the people in the country.


That is an interesting read.