Brexit Betrayal



The paedo’s gimp is just trying to deflect from his own woes and enhance his EU credentials for his next role in the EU


He’s right in that the Brexit that was promised can’t be achieved. It was always a pipe dream.

It’s either May’s deal (or something very similar), which nobody really voted for and will dissatisfy leave voters, or it’s a hard Brexit which will dissatisfy almost everyone once the reality sets in.

All it will take is a trip to the supermarket after a hard Brexit for a lot of leave voters to become apoplectic and immediately blame the tories. So May is screwed either way.


We voted to leave the EU, check the ballot paper

No deal Brexit is the only option that delivers what the electorate voted for



The leave campaign specifically campaigned against a no-deal Brexit, claiming that the remainers were engaging in “project fear” by suggesting that a no-deal Brexit was a potential outcome.

How many leave voters voted to withdraw from all trade deals with the EU and increase taxes on half our imports and exports?


Everyone on the leave side, voted to leave the EU. Leaving the SM and CU was made clear by both sides, as remaining in either keeps the UK tied to the EU and their regulations. Those on the leave side knew that knew trade deals would have to be negotiated.


Lol, no.


I thought the Queen was more involved than we know.


The Government were clear in their £9m taxpayer funded Remain campaign leaflet sent to every household in the country,

" A more limited trade deal with the EU would give the UK less access to the single market than we have now – including for services, which make up almost 80% of the UK economy. For example, Canada’s deal with the EU will give limited access for services, it has so far been 7 years in the making and is still not in force."


Little difference it made.


  1. Time line to exit.
  2. Conditions to exit.

Those 2 missing items left a huge opening for politicians to wiggle through.


Article 50 defines the time line and no conditions for exit were required under the referendum


Imagine if the question had been written:

Remain in the EU?
Leave the EU in 90 days?

No wiggle room.


It would have been better, but probably would have been seen as unrealistic by the electorate, and would have give the leave side less chance of success


Perhaps a 1 year exit deadline.

The backseat driving we do.


It would have focused the minds of both sides


Also Article 50 makes no accommodation for leaving with a deal. I’m not sure if someone here is genuinely dumb or we’re being trolled.


You know how these Remoaners are Jen, they can’t read the ballot paper correctly and pay no attention to the Gov leaflet on the subject, and if they can’t do those two basic things, you can imagine their lack of factual data on the subject of the EU itself :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


UK… with its queen and click talk and left hand road driving… I generally stay out of your business … although did gladly lend a hand more than once to your MOD.

I was really impressed and hopeful when you voted to leave. It was inspiring.

What can I do from upstate New York, with its deer and turkeys and… meth labs :frowning_face: … to help?


Keep pointing out the similarity between the EU and the Democrats.


OMG… leftists like our Supreme Court’s Stephen Bryer love globalization and want to look beyond our shores even to interpret our constitution. His words

Twenty years ago, out of the 70 or so cases that the Supreme Court fully considers each year, perhaps 3 or 4 percent required us to look beyond our own shores in order to understand the legal problems involved and find the appropriate solution. Today that figure is closer to 20 percent, and is sometimes greater.

**Only some of those cases concern the application of treaties or other forms of international law. More of them concern domestic statutes, administrative regulations, or interpretations of the U.S. Constitution

This is his view… the view of the leftists and to the extent that Democats are leftists … the Democrats.


Take all our Muslims and libtards.