Brexit Betrayal



Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to democracy


That’s worse then the choice we had between Hillary and Trump. :wink:


It gets worse, Corbyn’s shadow Home Secretary (Diane Abbot) is even more stupid than he is and his shadow Chancellor is a Marxist was fired for incompetence by London’s socialist lead Council2018-12-24_1422 Fire_puts_out_water 2017-11-17_1134


She would never resign. She would still cling on even with heavies dragging her out kicking and screaming out of number 10.

I actually think she is not such a bad choice at the moment. Because of her, Parliament is so divided and nothing will get passed. Nothing is the default position and so on March 29th, we will automatically drop out of the EU, as per Article 50. Article 50 is not dependent on a deal and is an act of Parliament.

Of course if the shitesters find a way to shaft democracy, then London and other cities will be filled with very angry yellow vests.


Sorry Jen, but she is a liar. She said “no deal” is better than a bad deal, and yet she presented a deal where we could never escape from the EU. May and the rest of the traitor MPs will do everything in their power to keep the UK tethered to the EU


Yep! Whats the definition of a “waffle”? Rhetorical in nature of course!


Which of course is subjective. In her deluded eyes, hers is a good deal. She will try again and present deal no. 2 to Parliament and it will be voted down again. Her incompetence is actually working out in our favour.


It might do and it might not. We voted to leave and we still don’t know if we will


It was actually quite a feat to have both Remainers and Brexiteers united in voting down her deal. :joy: If we had someone a tad more competent, it could be more dangerous. We want to leave with no deal.


Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not even sit down with the PM until she agrees to kill off the threat of a no-deal Brexit. Downing Street has refused the demand.


Corbyn is just an agitator. Never comes up with anything useful.



Well can’t say I am not exasperated by this news. Dumb and Dumber or maybe a penchant for playing the long game is what really is at play here. So we wait until the next move is made. My guess is many members who voted for May did so to cut off their nose to spite their face as they simply couldn’t stomach the prospects of Corbyn as Prime Minister. At least that is my best guess!


Most of the sane MPs know that a Marxist government won’t work in the UK, just as it hasn’t worked anywhere it has been tried


You can’t make this shit up LOL


Says the loser whose citizens’ (yellow vests) two top demands are “Macron démission” and Frexit. Lol.


Macron has no real interest in the French, he has his heart set on a senior role in the EU and is proving his EU credentials. God help the French



‘The only option is to walk away!’ BBC Question Time audience erupts in APPLAUSE and cheers at prospect of a No Deal Brexit


Woman tipped to be next German chancellor begs Britain to stay in the EU