BIGOTRY and RACISM....Is Either of Them SENSIBLE or Not?


I has been my experience, and therefore based on this experience it is true. I’m sure others in here have met with the same treatment

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Then give some examples. Show me something you’ve said where a lib called you a racist.



Don’t fall for this bait.



:rofl::rofl: At the very the next occurrence, I’ll happily share it with you, along with any others

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Why is the left violent towards those they disagree with?

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Any one of us can give you personal experiences but that doesnt mean you will accept it, but how about more famous conservative speakers on You tube, the Steven Crowder’s Katy Hopkins, Douglas Murray just to name a few, they say things that upsets the libs and they are targeted and painted with the racist and islamophobic brush.

Tommy Robinson of the UK, Lauren Southern of Canada just to name a few more.

brave people who attempts to expose the truth and look what they are going through.

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Here is a media example courtesy of Diane Abbot’s utter stupidity



Tell that to those that attach the term to every critical remark about anyone not a WASP.

Perhaps you can find a reputable source that links the origin of the word to Marx. Here are some differing versions.



Where did you grow up?

Do you feel sorry for black americans who grew up in areas with destitute public schools?



So unless you tell horribly racist jokes, you are a weenie?



We all know blacks are to stupid to find DMV, or to register to vote…or can’t find a voting booth. Or filling out application.

Isn’t that right libs?



correction, liberal and leftist blacks too stupid to know about the history of the Democrats are too stupid to find the DMV, a voting booth etc.

Conservative black folks for the most part dont have these issues or want anything to do with the Democrats.

Just like Conservative Hispanics and other visible minorities , every time I run into one they all appear to be level headed and either works or self employed and doesn’t want anything to do with handouts or affirmative action



What would those minorities do without the help from libs. :wink:



libs don’t help , well they help them to get welfare and to rip off the system.

Democrats, Libs and leftists have done more damage in the last 25 years to this country then the Republicans in the last 100 years combined.

Practically every problem we face today is because of libs, Democrats and the left, the republicans dont get a pass either as they contributed, the left and Democrats… major contribution



I feel as badly for them as the white, Asian and Hispanic students who attend public schools in destitute areas.

Which is to say, not at all.

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Ummm… you should be so astute at all times. You are 100% correct. Thoughts that are suppressed and repressed will manifest themselves SOMEHOW. And if not under control of the conscious mind in the written or spoken word or art or other intentional expression, then often they will manifest themselves as an impulsive action, sometimes violent and ugly.

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…yet it has no reflection on whether “blowing off some steam” in the form of racism is of any benefit to anyone other than to bolster the smugness of the blower and other idiots that may agree with it…and to me, that is not beneficial…to anyone.

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It could save a life.



IMO, if a person has that much anger and hatred then they need some help.

“All XYZ race are worthy of my hatred because a person who is XYZ robbed my house”.


A criminal robbed my house, I hate criminals.

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I disagree. People get weak-link followers and can become further emboldened, especially if they are on the brink of being unhinged.

Best to discourage racism and bigotry, not to enable it by calling it “blowing off steam”.

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