BIGOTRY and RACISM....Is Either of Them SENSIBLE or Not?



Fair point. I always saw them as the same thing, just to different extent. We can all be bigots against racism, can’t we? And what better way to do that than to be in their faces and louder than they are?


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If they were the same thing, we wouldn’t need two words to describe them.

I think all racists are bigots, but not all bigots are racists. This because racism concerns ethnicity, bigotry concerns ideas. I could be bigoted against gun control without being racist.


Good point, asaratis.

I believe we were all born for a reason and with a purpose.

I read something one time on a forum that stayed with me to this day:

A person was feeling pretty badly that they were being made fun of for not being smarter. They wished they were smart enough to be a scientist.

Someone replied that God had given them exactly the intelligence and abilities that they needed to fulfill their purpose in life.

This is true of all of us. No matter what color, culture, history or environment. Each human being should be respected for the dignity that God has bestowed upon them as one of his own.


Haha! That reminds of the time I stuck one deliberately on my forehead and left it there for a few minutes. When I took it off, my co-workers were laughing at me. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a circular patch of red skin that would not wipe off. Suction like that can break small capillaries under the skin. The spot was there for several hours.


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I think it’s far better for people to blow off some steam online than to have no outlet. Although, if we really want to kick the collapse of civilization into high gear maybe having no outlet would be best :thinking:


So far you have not mentioned racism or bigotry. Do you have an opinion on either of them regarding whether they are sensible or not?


racism and bigotry are polysemic , like everything else today it depends on the side of the political fence you sit on.

most conservatives will view racism as Someone who think their race is superior to whatever race they hate.
Bigotry , same thing, although most times its about experience or upbringing

Left wingers/libs view racism as a national tragedy If you don’t agree with the other race when making a point you’re a racist, its not about hate for them its about feelings

most conservatives will look at a black man and say Hey I don’t agree with you, and that is the end of the story for most.

most liberals/leftist will look at a black man and say I may not agree with you but that bastard right winger is racist for not agreeing with you.

Its funny the left uses racism and bigotry to further their causes , while conservatives looks at the individual

The left labels everything, the right rarely does.


Retribution for something done over 100 years ago. Who should pay retribution the citizens of the US many whose ancestors were in other countries at the time of slavery?


retribution for slavery was paid … it was called freedom.
hence why thousands died in the civil war.

If some of the leftist blacks want to collect reparation, start with the Democrat Party as they killed the 40 acres and mule that was proposed by Republicans, remember those guys ?


Uh should I… hmm. Nope. I’ll let this slide for now. This thread has more to come.


90% of what is called racism isn’t.
Mexican is not a race.
Mid Eastern is not a race.
Islam is not a race.


You are not alone in that way of thinking! I have no problem in holding people who I disagree with along ideological lines in shear utter contempt! They may call me a racist and that is OK because all that means is they can’t defend their arguments, so essentially I win whenever that happens!


Racism is a completely fabricated Marxist term. It doesn’t exist. What people today call racism is what we used to know as normal association. Everyone has an in-group preference. Sometimes that in-group is religious. Many times it’s along race. Both of these things are completely fine. It’s hard wired into human DNA. So I reject the term racism on it’s face. In-group preference is fine, racial homogeneity is fine, and associating with your own people is healthy for everyone.


The problem is that the Libtards use those terms without understanding what they mean and as batons to neuter logical facts based discussion


If we know that they primarily operate on emotion and have absolutely no basis for their claims of racism, why play into it? Let them flail about.


Just because the Libtards cannot support their illusions with facts and data, doesn’t mean the sane among us have to let their delusions go unchecked. If they are not challenged, their delusions will become the accepted norm


Except this isn’t true. Cool graphic though


That’s a true enough point. It is comical watching them point and yell racist - as if it has any impact or effect at all.