Ben Shapiro - What Do You Think?





Make me…

You made a claim, “Jews aren’t white.” I posted a picture of a white Jew.

You lose.


Were your heroes gassing Jews in 1933? When did they attack Czechoslovakia?

When did the Holocaust begin?

Can you not see the evolution?



That is perhaps the most low effort attempt at an argument that I have ever seen. Thanks for lowering the bar for everyone.

The Jews themselves say they aren’t white. They uniformly believe that they are Semites. Jews view everyone who is not a racial Jew with contempt, (they view each other with contempt to a lesser degree until they don’t have goyim to vent their spleens on) no matter what your feelings toward them are unless your doing something for them at that particular moment. Especially if you’re White, in particular Christian.

Jews and other non-white groups bond with members of their own in-groups over “intersectional” anti-white hatred. Racism and anti-semitism are stigmatized among whites because prejudice against people who aren’t us brings us together. That’s a fact and has been for millennia. It is how Western Civilization was created.


Imagine if white people infiltrated their country, said Jews had to give up their Jewish supremacy, flood their country with foreigners and said that the foreigners are all Jews now, that Jews aren’t a people, they have no history and on the outbreath that Jewish history is filled with genocide and exploitation, etc.

Use your head. Look at what is staring you in the face. Wake up.


Love Ben Shapiro. I don’t always agree with him, but I think he provides thoughtful commentary and has a good sense of humor.

I adore his Chris Matthews impersonations. :joy: Go!


I look at Ben Shapiro basically the same way I see all other pundits. Ben has really nothing to add except for his biased opinions. He as the other’s have a voice only because of their money and connections. Other than that he is just another shmuck looking to be relevant.

He and the other’s do add a bit of commercial relief to the dryness of politics.


That sounds like jealousy. Is there something preventing you from making your own YouTube channel?


Hate takes no effort at all Bryan.

What is the definition of “semite” Bryan? Is it a race?


Fair assessment. He is definitely a pundit.


Low quality response. You just keep repeating your bigot mantra like a bot. Sad.


@Bryan wrote a good long post. All you have come back with are disagreement one liners on muh feels.


So the length of the post is how we’re being graded?

Bryan thinks Judaism is a race. Bryan is not an intelligent person. But he wrote a long post.

Hatred is a feeling. Bigotry is a feeling.

What did any Jew ever do to you?


By the way, that was one of Bryan’s responses. :wink:


Is Trump an enabler of THE JEWISH MENACE???


The problem is the argument you are making is pointless. It doesn’t matter what YOU believe Jewish people to be genetically. They view themselves as Semites. So until you understand the difference between the category you are putting them in and the category that they put themselves in - you won’t understand any of the points made by anyone who doesn’t think like a cucked boomer.




What is the definition of semite Bryan?

Is Trump an enabler of The Jewish Menace?


And there it is. You Bryan, are a child.


You don’t know anybody that was ever harmed by a Jew.


I am not a child but am probably younger than you. That’s good. When you boomers finally die off we can fix the mess you all made.