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You are a child Bryan. You lash out and throw temper tantrums at people you don’t even know just to get attention.

You aren’t going to “fix” anything. You are The Irrelevant Fringe.

What defines a semite?


Please explain The Jewish Menace.



Semites come from the larger J1 mixed with J2 ethnicities. There’s a semitic facial type. Almond eyes, semitic smile, and the colossal similarities in culture and religion of semites. Levantines, Jews, Gulf Arabs are semites for the most part, genetically. North Africans are not even close. For example, Egyptians aren’t semitic despite speaking Arabic, a semitic language. Egyptians will never be semitic, they’re North African.

To go a little deeper, Semites come from the Canaanites, specifically Amorites and Hittites. Jews and Arabs are Edomites, Semites with negroid/mongoloid admixture who degenerated themselves even further with inbreeding because their specific take on Zoroastrianism didn’t ban such activity. We got it right with old Christianity which banned racemixing and inbreeding, but I digress.

I’m sure your reply to this will be “hurr durr semite is a language group hurr durr” without understanding a single thing I posted.



The Jews could nuke a city in the US and the millions of people just like @SneakySFDude would’t give a fuck. They would say shit like “oh, well this must be because of how bad we treated them with the holocaust”

The biggest obstacle I have come across when dealing with this level of blue pill are christians defending the “chosen people”, which I find fucking rich considering the Jews hate Christians and have done a great job destroying Christianity.


@Bryan this is an impressive response considering you are just a child. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


Thanks. What’s your source?

What does that mean? I’ve never heard a grown man use those words.


Is Trump part of The Jewish Menace?


None from Fox News?

What’s your source of choice?


What color is this Jew? He is the same color as his shirt!

What color is this Jew?


Indeed he is. He was black. What color was my Jew?

Are we agreeing “Jew” is not a race?


I have known that for decades. Are you just now realizing it?


I thought I knew, but these fellows have me doubting facts.


Converts have no right of return and aren’t considered to be “real” Jews.


The same color as her shirt.

How about this one?


How can you convert race?


You are full of shit. Ask a knowledgeable Rabbi.


You can’t - which is why religious converts have no right of return.




From which sect of Judaism do you recommend?

  • Reform
  • Conservative
  • Orthodox
  • Reconstructionist
  • Karaite
  • Rabbinic
  • Hasidic


Communists wear red hats.
John has on a red hat.
John is a communist.

^^^^False logic^^^^^