Ben Shapiro - What Do You Think?



What I believe is irrelevant. It’s what the Jews believe and use as a tool.

Anyway…so if Jews are white, does that mean that 6 million white people were killed in the Holocaust? For some reason, we ‘non-Jewish white people’ aren’t allowed to use this as a way to get an ethnostate.

Maybe we should try? ‘6 million white people were gassed! So we need a homeland.’


We already have a Homeland. It even has Security. lol


Judaism is a religion genio, not a race.


Maybe you should try “90 million white asshole bigots gassed them.”


Low quality response. You just keep repeating your indoctrination mantra like a god damn bot. Sad.


:rofl: yes. I know Jesus.


It’s a fact genio. I will keep repeating it until you can read it through a sheet.


What did any Jew ever do to you?


Who’s stopping you? Who told you you can’t do any of that?


Sweet ass sweet hypocrisy.


So you are saying the Jews aren’t white :rofl:


No Larry, I’m saying the people who gassed a religion were white.


What did any Jew ever do to you? Who told you to hate them?


Were these the same people who established the Transfer Agreement and subsequently the State of Israel for the Zionists?


No Larry. The Nazis of 1933 were not the same Nazis as 1938. They evolved. Their hatred grew and consumed them.

Do you hate Jews to get attention?


Do you have a source for this?


Yes, it’s called history.

Why do you hate Jews, really?


How do you identify?


What do you use as a tool?


Bullshit - you made a statement passing it off as fact. Now back it up.

Most of the posts you have been flailing around criticizing are well sourced.

Back up your claims or stop making them.