Ben Shapiro - What Do You Think?



Try watching the video.


I’m not going to listen to that twerp speed yap for 18 minutes. I’ve heard enough out of him a long time ago when he was screeching about Trump as a candidate. He’s a two face flipping flopping little shit.

Maybe you should try disproving them with your own words - instead of Ben Shapiro videos.


Wilful ignorance on your part.

He makes it quite plain he’s in favor of building the wall and securing the border.


Remember that Ben Shapiro started to hate Trump after Trump pointed out that Israel has a wall and Israel limits Muslim immigration.

Ben Shaprio is an Israeli first, and an American second.



Thanks - I prefer to read than to listen to that little chihuahua yap.


Your article is full of BS.


Also…as we see in the link @Bryan posted, Lil Shapiro mobilizes his social capital to call for the right to punch right in typical Cuckservative fashion. Lil Shapiro calls on Congress to censure Rep. King, Republicans to primary against him, and then promotes the Republican State Senator who’s running against him in 2020.


Right, never listen to the original source and come to your own conclusions, always better to rely on someone else to do your thinking for you and tell you want to believe.



And you cite and disprove none of it. Go find another thread more suitable to intellectual laziness.


King was way the hell out of line and stupid for making his comments. White Supremecy has been a loser position in this country since its inception.

We are a country of ideas and ideals, not race.


I already have, watch the video posted above.


Try keeping up.

Steve King is not saying, “Hey, when did White Supremacy become a bad thing?”

He’s saying, “Hey, when did defending Western Civilization become a bad thing? When did defending Western Civilization become White Supremacist?”

He’s mocking the “White Supremacist” attacks, not endorsing White Supremacy.

Ben Shapiro knows this. Shapiro just hates White People.


It’s exactly what he said an worse, he equated them to western civilization.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” King asked the Times. “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

What he said was not only stupid it was patently wrong.

The ideals upon which this country was founded apply to everyone of every race who is willing to live in a civilized society.


You might want to read up on your American history.

The Naturalization Act of 1790 specified that “any alien, being a free white person,” could apply for citizenship, so long as he or she lived in the United States for at least two years, and in the state where the application was filed for at least a year.


The purpose of which was to exclude slaves from citizenship. Had slaves been granted citizenship a host of constitutional problems would arise instantly.


Nice attempt at shifting the goal posts. What you are talking about is naturalization, not immigration. Nice try though.

Why not just admit that America was historically a white country and based a lot of official polices around being a white country.


Little Ben thinks it’s simply intolerable for any member of the historic American nation to have any pride in their own people… yet he believes that any non-jewish asylum seekers approaching the Israeli border should be shot (pic related).

A good breakdown of some of Little Ben’s pilpul and hypocrisy when he attempts to make the false claims that Israel is not an ethnostate, and that the US is a random collection of individuals; a “proposition nation.”



There’s no shifting of anything, that was their intent. They didn’t want Indians and Slaves to be constitutionally protected or even white bound servants.


Damn, do I have to drag out my old Etch-A-Sketch avie?



That’s a bunch of crap, it had nothing to do with legitimate asylum seekers and everything to do with terrorists.

I swear you people will make up anything.