Ben Shapiro - What Do You Think?





If only America was allowed to do what Israel does.


Those would be illegal aliens. They kinda like you to follow the legal process.



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Wrong. There are Asian Jews, Negro Jews and Caucasian Jews.


As an Ethnicity Jews are considered to be Caucasian.


Not all of them. I know that the Jew-haters (not referring to you, TWR) here will not read all of this link…or much of it for that matter. It does explain much about what Judaism is and is not. It is written by a Jew after much research and input from Rabbis.


Oh I get that which is why I specified “ethnic jews”.

Religious Jews can of course be of any race or ethnicity.


They’re white when they want to attack whites or blend in.

They’re Semites when they want to not be whites and corral blacks or accuse people of race-ism.


They do this because they have created a conundrum.

White = European. And if Jews = White aka European, then they have no claim to that patch of desert which they been killing for decades over.


That’s a steaming shovel full. Ethnic Arabs just like Ethnic Jews are Caucasian.


No, Caucasian is not limited to people of European descent.


I like him. He should run for office.


Then you have been hoodwinked. Tucker Carlson is the only option. Shapiro thinks success is measured in GDP. He’s doing it wrong.


Oy vey! Weird how Shapiro supports nationalism for Jews, but not for white people. Actually, that’s not weird at all. It’s the Jewish modus operandi.


Here’s what Ben Shapiro and gang are trying to do. They are propping up this talk about a wall but making it impossible to come to fruition. This is what all Jews do. They dangle something in front of white people that is impossible, and then extract rent from you.

Ben Shapiro and gang are trying to make the wall impossible while talking about how a wall is great. Why are they doing this? They are doing this because if they wall doesn’t get built, Trump supporters will end up disillusioned and frustrated with Trump thereby voting him out of office in 2020.

Ben Shapiro and gang don’t want a wall, they want Trump removed from office. Anyone who supports Ben Shapiro, 25% of electorate, should be not be trusted.




Boy, the blind, ignorant Jew Hatred is thick and sick today.


Funny how I have seen you complain but haven’t seen you prove them wrong on Shapiro yet.


That’s because he can’t. Shapiro is the absolute worst and anyone who supports him or his bullshit is anti-American.