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“Seemed” that changed in 2018 as the results at the polls have shown.

His strength was in disaffected dem’s and independents in the coal belt and rust belt and as the election showed this year he’s lost most of them.

Both parties managed to put up the worst candidates either has run in more than a half century and Hillary made the mistake of dumping and dumping on blue collar males and flew right over “flyover country” and ignored them while Trump played for their votes and reached out to them making promises he couldn’t keep.

He also did very well in the border states with his stance on “The Wall” and “immigration reform” but he’s failed to deliver on both. He promised to secure the border and deport the “Daca Kids” and has done neither and in fact offered dem’s a deal on DACA that would have ended up legalizing over a million of them and their parents.

He’s done a lot that I agree with but at the same time failed to carry out his most important promises to the country and could not rally congress to push through his agenda so on some very critical issues he’s been a complete failure.


I honestly have not listened to him enough to form an opinion of my own, but this thread has been interesting.


And congress/republicons have paid the price for not supporting the president.

The failure was totally republican. Could trump have changed congresses failure to pass immigration reform? I don’t think there’s anything in the world that would have changed the house and their inability to pass meaningful legislation.

Really doesn’t matter as we approach the point of no return. Spending is on auto pilot and no president could change that as it’s the responsibility of congress to fix the spending quagmire they have gotten us into. The next house will be as ineffective as the last 6 houses run by both parties. Never fear as it will change when congress is backed into a corner and they can no longer borrow money to fuel their spending addiction.

Immigration, same thing, congress must act but won’t until war breaks out in this country or of course there is no money to hand out to illegals and refugees.

Some say the Federal reserve can just but the excess treasuries, the increase in the Federal Reserve’s holdings of Treasury securities is matched by a corresponding increase in reserve balances held by the banking system. The banking system must hold the quantity of reserve balances that the Federal Reserve creates.
we have been fortunate so far as interest rates are below the norm and inflation is around 2% That could change forcing higher interest rates and a damaged economy.


It’s the job of a leader to lead and that includes persuading those of his own party to pass the legislative agenda they all ran and won on.

One of Trump’s biggest selling points was supposed to be his ability to negotiate and get deals done. He failed miserably to even get deals done within his own party.

We’re heading into at least two years of near total stalemate and the only good thing about that is it will give republicans something to run on and against in 2020.

Trump’s chances of winning in 2020 right now even against an unnamed democrat are probably less than 30% and if the economy tanks and we go into a recession he’s probably through and republicans will get swept in 2020 if he’s the candidate.

I realize unlike a lot of folks that getting a lot of what he promised to get done to help the economy will take time, particularly the trade deals but if he can’t deliver on those promises, we end up in a recession, and /or end up in another major war he and the rest of the party will be ruined in 2020.

Don’t forget that the next two years will also be one house investigation of Trump and the entire administration after another along with the fallout of whatever Mueller comes up with.

No matter what he has a die hard base of virtual religious fanatics that will never admit he’s got any problems but that’s less than 20% of the electorate and that’s not enough to do anything other than make an embarrassing showing at the polls in 2020.

The next two years are going to be rough as hell because he failed to lead and kick ass in congress to get things done.


I suspect he underestimated the hatred of the left and right towards an outsider.

What’s really naive of Americans is that they just put the same idiots in power that gave us the ACA and according to you they would again put them in both houses and the WH.

I hope you like what they will rain on us the next time.


Predicting that a tornado is coming is not rooting for it to come.

I’m a pragmatist and have been following the electorate each cycle for over 30 years.

In many ways this administration is imploding and Trump’s failure to lead and get his agenda through with majorities in both houses hurt the party badly this time around.

With the snowball coming as soon as Pelosi takes the gavel it’s going to be an uphill fight on an icy slope to 2020.

The disaffected dem’s and independents that handed Trump the WH and strong majorities in both houses have not gotten what they were promised.

Without those votes 2020 looks pretty bleak.



Really pathetic on your part.


President Trump has never had a strong majority in the Senate. 60 would constitute strong majority. 51 is next to nothing…just enough to get chairmanships of committees.

Even with the weak majority of 51, it took only one rogue RINO to keep the abolishing of ObamaCare from becoming a kept promise.


They had a clear and strong majority, they just didn’t have a filibuster proof majority.

Until the democrats began voting as solid block any party with 53-55 seats would have been able to get their agenda through or at least the majority of it.

Democrats have purged the party of anyone remotely reasonable in the last 18 years.


51 is not a strong majority…especially when one of them is a pissed off loser to the President in the primaries and there are others that were never really backing him.

That you feel he had a strong majority is nothing more than your opinion. He barely had a majority at all. The only way it could have been weaker would be to have a 50/50 split with the VP casting the deciding vote.


And opinion is all you’ve got to offer as well… .

Republicans had 51, dem’s 47, with 2 independents in the 115th congress.

That isn’t an opinion, it is a fact.


…still doesn’t make a strong majority.

You really do have trouble admitting you could possibly by wrong, don’t you?

It’s okay.


Why would I admit something which isn’t true?

If I had meant they had an overwhelming majority or veto proof majority I’d have said so.

A four vote majority plus a tie beaker is usually more than ample, thus a “strong majority”.

You once again seem desperate for an argument.


Not at all. Pointing out that your claim of a 51 seat majority is a strong one is an opinion and not a fact does not constitute an argument. It merely points to fact.

…just as saying that water is wet is not an argument. It’s a FACT!


The only thing Ben “sharp as a foreskin knife” Shapiro is good at is debating, and bringing up controversial issues in the MSM.

He’s a Zionist controlled op, probably the most obvious example.

  • be loud and proud about being a jew
  • be “intellectual conservative” to gain media attention
  • call out anti-semitism on the right side
  • push anti-trump sentiments based on democrat fallacies about Russian collusion
  • push anti-white rhetoric by pretending race isn’t an issue or even real, yet identifies as a jew.
  • claims evil white men are an issue


Ben Shapiro is an overrated policy wonk who has neither a grasp on persuasion nor strategy. He is too far ingrained in his LA bubble to understand the politics of Middle America. Remember he predicted Trump would lose in a landslide.

I don’t expect him to be relevant in ten years.


Watch this video. Ben Shapiro launches into this hateful rant about how white people did not build the west, and how “white identity” does not even exist. He then mocks a “white ethnostate” without even addressing the Jewish ethnostate.

Why does any conservative still back this piece of shit? This guy obviously has disdain for the foundation of our country and the west. He prides himself on being so “intelligent”, but he is running on pure emotion.


He’s just a clown like Alex Jones.


What’s funny is that you lack the cognition to even understand his point.

Anyone of any race can emigrate to Israel as long as they aren’t a terrorist planning to harm it regardless of race or ethnicity.

Jews are “white”, the are considered to be caucasians.

Great speech by Shapiro as well.

How embarrassing for you.