Ben Shapiro - What Do You Think?



You can actually have a personality as a political commentator.


But it’s not a requirement. Informed, not entertained.


To get the attention of the masses you hav to speak well. He has an interesting message however he can’t deliver it which is a turn off for the masses. I prefer reading his comments vs. bing bored to tears.

Did you listen to his interview I posted? Perhaps a course i public speaking is in order.


He’s doing all right.


Good luck trying to explain it…I’ve notice very few people can pick up on that concept.


Well, in their defense, the media etc. stereotypes quite well.

Arnold Rojas wrote some really good stories on the vaqueros.


Well to their credit the media been extremely successful.


One of my favorites of the logic


I’m going to rant on Shapiro a little more, because he’s the worst kind of ally. He’s the guy who thinks nothing of stabbing you and all you try to accomplish on supposed principle, all the while knowing his first loyalty wasn’t to you.

The story is America first, not Israel first. For example, the reason he disliked Trump meeting North Korea without precedent is because that same logic might be used to talk to the Iranians which his beloved Israel would hate.

The reason so many people get pissed about Jews is because so many of them put Israel above their host nations. I don’t do that with Poland. Most Americans of European ancestry are the same way in that our loyalty is unquestionably to this nation where we reside, but not with the tribe.

They need to pick a side and make clear which they’ve chosen. I respect and will defend those who do, even though I take grief for that. But they are a scant minority unfortunately, and that truth is why antisemitism arises again and again - because acting disloyal to their host nation has been the sad repetition of prominent Jews again and again.

For their protection and ours, we should require sole citizenship now. Pick.


Interesting. Doesn’t that make “this nation” a tribe?

What if you move to another nation to reside, like I did for 25 years?


Perhaps you could show us a clip of Shapiro choosing Israel over the US?



She has crazy eyes…


Did you even watch the clip? Everything Shapiro said in there was correct. Trump got where he is by flinging poop in every direction.

He was even agreeing with Trump and Bannon with respect to Bannon’s advice and said that if he’s going to go down he should go down being himself rather than expecting him to act like a seasoned politician.


Don’t hold your breath, the Jew haters don’t need any facts to support their arguments.


It’s a performance.

She sings opera and classical music and performs on broadway.


With her eyes?


That was hot.


And some people can listen to his tripe, I cannot it’s like listening to Hannity the same droning fast talking voice.

Trump got to where he is for numerous.

  1. He outlasted everyone else.
  2. He never won a majority in a primary, just a plurality.
  3. He ran against Hillary. One of the most disliked people in the country.
    4, The lesser of any evil the dems put out there.
  4. He isn’t a politician. He isn’t slick like a seasoned politician. Th first non politician president since Eisenhower.

Perhaps it was more about politicians.
Our elite leaders on issues like immigration, they don’t regulate immigration.
They don’t regulate trade to our advantage, to the working man or working woman’s advantage.
They take us into stupid wars.

As much as many dislike Trump, they seem to dislike the alternative more.


Pretty common in musicals. They sing with voices and act with their eyes, faces, and body movements.