Ben Shapiro - What Do You Think?



Please let us know when you do.

Being a cuckservative in Texas is easy. Being far right wing in the North East is hard. Remember that. It doesn’t take a set of balls to wear a MAGA hat in Bumfucknowhere, TX. It does take a set of balls to do that in NYC. Enjoy your :taco: we will be prepping for the race war and will be right at the center of it.

Now go hide and pout that leftist cucks are moving to your state. You wouldn’t say shit to them if you had a mouth full and you know it.

That’s why they are moving there. You pussies aren’t making them feel unwelcome enough.


Why aren’t you capable of doing that?


“Your” state is part of the culture and nation you abhor.




You seen like a very tough hombre; will you help your fellow countryman please.


There’s 30,000 of them a year! Can you help?


That’s really beautiful.


I don’t want to help. I want them to massively flood in, same with the Muslims, it’s the only way to get to the DOTR. I have so much rope. We need to smash the accelerator.



I know! I can’t wait for The Revolution either.



Is it? Strange…


Aren’t you going to ask how I know which state is “yours?”


No, why would I? You’re obviously not stupid.




I’ve enjoyed his work since I first noticed him.


Some of you are entirely transparent.


Most of us in the SW do.


Will do. Why?


Maybe, like Mitt Romney, who got the original name, he can be called Etch A Sketch Junior.


And you can listen to this idiot?

He speaks in monotone with little conviction in his speech.


Yes. He’s a political commentator, not Beyonce.