Are We On the Brink of Revolt?

Continue to controlling the food source and stop giving it away to multi-National as well Foreign adversaries such as China then we will have much more to bargain with. Stop watching Hollywood produced movies, sports entertainment, and MSM. Start getting involved with Education, a subject matter that the right views as very important where the focus on Math and sciences instead of Gender studies becomes a priority within our school systems.

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A very interesting discussion! It’s heartening to see thoughtful, committed patriots who are thinking about the problems we face.

My two cents:

(1) No substantial number of people will move because of strong ideological/political convictions. – either into the inner cities, or to the ‘Redoubt states’

This applies even to people who agree that something very bad may be coming to America, and that where they are will not be safe. The people who should have emigrated to Palestine or anywhere out of Europe, stayed in Germany. In the former Yugoslavia, Serbs and Bosniaks remained in Croatian-majority areas; Croations remained in Serb-majority areas. Serbs are still in Albanian-controlled Kosovo. “It won’t happen to me” is an almost universal belief – probably necessary to our evolution in the past. Plus… we put down roots, develop sub-conscious emotional ties to the social and physical environment where we are.

At best, we might persuade some young conservatives, who have not put down roots yet, to choose a redoubt state as their home, although that’s probably not going to be any more successful than persuading them to choose ROTC in college, and/or enlist in the National Guard – something that any serious patriot who has the opportunity, and who sees what’s coming, would do. Never mind, people are they way they are.

(2) Of course we should try to ‘take back America’. This means reaching out to the broad middle – the sort of people, Republicans and Democrats and Independents – who are repelled by Trump. This won’t be possible until Trump leaves the scene.

It also means reaching out to non-whites. Hmmm… what should we call this initiative … I’ve got it! “Diversity and Inclusion”!

Exactly HOW we do this is a topic for another discussion.

I’m not mainly talking here about winning the next election, but about building organizations that can draw people permanently to our side, insofar as human attachments are ever permanent.

For example, we need a Black Conservatives organization, and ditto for Hispanics. We need a Patriot Youth organization, something to replace the now-woke Boy and Girl Scouts. We need to start working on Patriotic Trade Unionists caucus within the unions.

And we need some sort of quasi-charitable organization that does, as patriots, what Jimmy Carter’s “Habitat for Humanity” does, but with a broader scope: that can help employees who lose their jobs when they’re exported to China, or can help people like that guy in North Carolina who was just fired (along with his wife) for blowing the whistle about fire safety standards being ignored in the Casino where he worked.
[ Disabled vet says he was fired at Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort after filing complaint - YouTube ]

We need these organizations both for reasons of outreach, and also to be able to mobilize patriotic Americans who otherwise would not be active in a purely ‘political’ organization. Many people have strong charitable impulses – okay, many none of us here – and they ought to have a politically-fruitful outlet for them.

(3) There is nothing sacred about dirt. It’s republican institutions that we have got to save, not soil. If that means giving up a large part of continental land mass on which those institutions were established 250 years ago – perhaps only temporarily, since the Left has a 100% success rate in destroying the societies where it takes complete control – then so be it.

It is one of the stupidest moves in war, to refuse to withdraw your men from a situation where the enemy’s strength guarantees they will be overrrun. After the initial Red invasion of Korea in 1950, we retreated all the way down the peninsula – letting them stretch their supply lines – and then we landed behind them at Inchon and drove them almost back to the Chinese border.

Which would you rather have: 40% of America controlled by patriots, watching for their chance to retake the 60% when it collapses, or 100% controlled by Reds, dancing on our graves?

(4) No one knows the future. All we can do now is to prepare to deal with what we might call reasonably-plausible worst-case scenarios. This means individual preparation – AR15 and half a dozen magazines and 2000 rounds of ammo, plus tinned beans in the basement, etc … but it also means organizing groups of patriots to be able to respond as a collective to any problem, be it tornadoes or an attempted communist putsch.

So everyone reading this should have a look at what those former Oathkeepers in Arizona are doing – I thin they have it about right (although I’m not really into herbal medicine, which one of them is):

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All this talk of not moving to a inner city is laughable.
Where are the largest post offices in American states? The city… Where are are the high end financial jobs? The Construction jobs, in cities, cops get paid the highest in big cities,

All I’m saying is create a policy where if you want to work here LIVE HERE. Good ppl, good strong work ethic will rub off on places striving for some moral leadership. Putting your kids in bad public schools with concerned parents will change these schools back to prominence. Or cause a war that we desperately need.

America is young, we developed the greatest culture on earth, we don’t let that die off because you’re a moron. We bring it back, high morals, high standards, end the welfare state, if you can’t hang we will have boats that ship daily to countries that have welfare. I call it “I don’t like America boat”, gtfo.

The squad of AOC, talib, Omar, Ayana Presley is only going to get larger and larger, and with all this cheating going on they will influence what this country looks like, and more like burning of white farmers in South Africa.
Taking back the cities is this only way to turn this country around.

Return to glory

Was poor but now is rich

Trump isn’t leaving the scene. He’s too narcicistic to do so.

I voted for Trump in '16 and '20. I will vote for him again if there is no one to take his place on the ballot… and maybe even if someone runs against him, depending on how I feel about said person.

My personal feelings about Trump; I never cared for him before he ran for POTUS and I still don’t particularly care for him. I thought he was the best POTUS we have had since Reagan. I liked his policies and his America first attitude. I liked that he actually tried to do what he said he would do in his campaign. He brought back some respect for the USA… IMO.

Having said that, I hope he won’t run in '24. Another 4 years of Trump will just divde the country even more than it is now. I like DeSantis, but I have a deep down suspician that he might prove to be just another POS politician when all is said and done. We need a choice in '24… not just Trump or DeSantis.


The the left and right argument is between collectivism and individualism. One has to be willing to improve upon themselves before they can go about changing society and not the other way around. If you look at this brief video, it pretty much sums up what ails the country as a whole, and its not so much making the argument that its the left that is at fault for the demise of the country, but that people from both sides are not taking responsibility to make the necessary changes as individuals to which will make a cohesive and better society as a whole!

If you want a Nation to change then change its people’s character.

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Do you live in a box? Trump saved the middle class. You think it was elites protesting on January 6th? They were middle class. Trump saved the middle class. It was building again with deregulations.

Trump is the greatest president in the history of this country. We are very lucky to be alive during this time.

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Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree here. Not so much about the character of Mr Trump, but about his broad appeal. We have work to do.

Just one point: put not your faith in princes, even one with ten times the virtues (as you see them) of Mr Trump.

Look — what may be coming could be something that makes whoever has a majority in Congress irrelevant. The wires of democracy cannot carry too high a social voltage, as someone (not a conservative) once put it.

America is rotting from within. We’re on the way down. The ‘cultural apparatus’ – the teachers, bureaucrats, professors – by and large despise the ordinary people of this country, which means they despise the country.

They’re working on hollowing out the police and military – ‘Defund the Police’ drives are not nearly so dangerous as ‘Re-educate the Police’ drives, which are going on behind the scenes, surreptitously. And the same in the military, where the top brass prefer their pensions, and nice jobs with arms contractors, to principles.

The enemies of liberty in Russia and China must be thanking whatever gods, or otherwise, they worship.

So we must organize at the grassroots level, prepare to face a possible breakdown in the legal/social/economic order – as part of a team. We have the numbers – a third to a half of the country – we have the talent – most notably, but not confined to, most of the 7% of Americans who have done or are doing military service. What we don’t have is organization.

We need it.

Trump’s support comes from his pedigree, not his vague and ever-shifting policies. People ignore his relative ignorance and massive narcissism, because, finally, they feel they have a genuine figure, not some politician who will go along to get along.

He’s what we have, and you go to war with the army you’ve got.

But even if he were perfect … there is a huge fallacy in believing we can just win elections – even if they are not rigged – and all will be well. What we are seeing in America is not some conspiracy by Mr Soros, which could be cut off at the head.

It’s the result of profound demographic changes coupled with the upbringing of soft, muddle-headed generation … something that, some people say, is inevitable when an empire begins to die.

Now … maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. No one knows the future. But it looks that way to me.

So we must organize. Everyone on this board who is a patriot should aim to be part of a local group which has a leadership structure, which trains regularly for dealing with disasters and breakdowns – I’m not talking just about target practice, but about how to deal with a sucking chest wound, how to turn off the power when there is downed power line, how to use those little Baofeng radios effectively, how to carry a stretcher … a hundred things that should be part of the collective wisdom of a proper group.

It also means being able to “sit it out” with regard to having a sufficient stock of essentials, for six months or longer. But that’s just a first step. Real defense requires being part of an organization, which has specialized teams for intel, comms, medical, transport, logistics, engineering.

We can do it. It just requires the desire to do it.

Have you ever seen General Patton and Donald Trump in the same room at the same time? No that’s because Donald Trump is General Patton.

Nice one! And although I can see why you see similarities between the two men, I think you are mistaken.

But listen … we should just agree to disagree. The main enemy is not among people who think of themselves as conservatives and patriots, but on the Left.

Trump is the choice of most American conservatives. I have to accept that. You go to war with the army you’ve got, and with the generals you’ve got.

BUT … please consider this idea – think about it a while before answering, if you do answer at all.

Most people get their knowledge of society, how it works, etc not from our mediocre school system. Nor do they get it from extensive reading of history, of ideas … there ARE a few conservatives who read a lot, but they’re a small minority.

So where do we get our ideas from? Our ideas of how things work in society, how society changes, etc.

Simple: Hollywood (and similar entertainment establishments).

Now Hollywood – in a tradition going back thousands of years – likes to present its audiences with simple stories … there are only a few basic ones: one is Boy and Girl. Another is Evil Overcome by a Hero. This is very old.

And that’s what they give us … it’s not a plot, it’s how they think they can attract the most viewers and get the most money.

There is some Evil … a person, a monster, a gang … and a Hero takes the Evil on, and finally defeats it. Rambo. James Bond. Robin Hood. The Lone Ranger. Serpico. Old as the hills.

That’s the model we all carry unconsciously in our heads.

But the real world actually doesn’t work that way. Oh, there are occasional heroes. But even they usually are the tip of the spear. The guy who charges the machine-gun nest has a large organization behind him… right back to the woman welder.

It’s organization that does it.

That’s what we need to have.

In ‘normal times’ … like you (depending on how old you are) and I grew up in … our organization – for good or bad – was the Republican Party. Now in fact, it was more the Chamber of Commerce party than the party of the ordinary American, but it was what we had. And its differences with the Democrats were not great. Because America was doing well, was leader of the Free World, and was stronger than its enemies.

All that has changed, and is going to change even more.

We live in extraordinary times. Too bad for us, but that’s the way it is.

So even if Mr Trump were five times as intelligent, and ten times as knowledgeable as he is, and even if he had the moral character of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, I would say: we must have an organization, one suited for what is possibly coming. (I say ‘possibly’ because no one knows the future.)

That’s the main point I want to get across. Trump or no Trump, we must organize at the local level, to be prepared to confront anything that could happen, including a breakdown of the legal/economic/social order.

There is more to be said about what this organization should look like, what it should prepare for, what it should expect.

But this post is long enough already, so I’ll stop.

Very well. In your last point, I think we are are all going to to jail for thoughts. We have close to 400 protesters in jail for getting pushed in the capital. What’s next? Thinking of protesting?

A few thoughts concerning the various thoughts expressed above.
As long as we use the language of the left we lose. I want to puke everytime I hear the words “middle class.” This is Marxist dogma, the antithesis of our revolutionary basics.
I live in the most densely populated State in the Union yet I am surrounded by 750 acres of parkland. Move to Newark to uplift the neighborhood? Thanks but I’ll remain here and retain my sanity.
The organizational methods requested above were part of the Tea Party movement. Very enviable but the wrong solution to our liquid situation. Guys with machine guns in the beds of Toyota’s took out the most organized and well funded nation in the history of the world. Decentralization backed by economic muscle is the answer.
Teach your children well. Lead them into readings of John Taylor of Caroline County. Expose them to the logic behind John Calhoun and State sovereignty. Make available the book “Men and Marriage” by George Gilder. While you’re teaching them enlighten yourself from as much original source material as you can find.
Just my two cents to a vitally important dialogue that we all must live day to day. Happy 2022, and keep at it.


Hope you enjoy the reeducation camps AOC will send you to, and having to listen to her voice teach you that you’re inherently racist, and all your money belongs to minorities.

My sentiments exactly and very well stated.

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The 6 January people fell into trap, perhaps one which occurred ‘naturally’, or perhaps one which was deliberately set up by the Other Side.

What were they thinking? That if they invaded Congress, Congress would not certify the election? If they were thinking that, they were … let’s be polite here … very wrong. But probably they weren’t thinking at all. They just acted, because the people next to them were acting, and those people acted because the people next to them were acting … and at some point, there were people who took the initiative to act first.

Now … we know there are some VERY suspicious things about this whole business. Probably everyone here knows about them so I won’t rehearse them again, but if anyone doesn’t, or needs refreshing on them, look at these articles:

Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open - Revolver

Decision By January 6th Commission to Ignore Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Just Unmasked Their Entire Investigation - Revolver


SHOCKING: Leftist Disguised Themselves as Trump Supporters to Infiltrate Jan. 6 Rally (VIDEO) | Tea Party

It was an ENORMOUS gift to the Left, perhaps one provoked by Leftists themselves. [Or maybe not. It doesn’t really matter.] A trap, and our people walked right into it.

The use of informants is very common:[ FBI Confidential Human Source Policy Guide ]

They were falling overthemselves at the Malheur occupation: at least fifteen have been identified so far. [
Confidential Informants in the Malheur Protest Trial ]

What should have happened? There were a range of options. In Wisconsin, when trade unionists didn’t like what the elected governor and legislature were doing, they occupied the capitol building, peacefully – with the full approval of Nancy Pelosi and the whole Left, as seen here: The Capitol occupation - Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin. (This was long before Donald Trump.)

So that was one alternative. It wouldn’t have changed things ultimately, but the consequences would not have been so disastrous for our side.

But what we really needed in Washington was an organization, so that whatever happened, happened because we wanted it to, not because a dozen or so agents provocateurs wanted it to.

We should have had what the French, in similar circumstances, call a service d’ordre. This means organized stewards who can marshall, and defend, our demonstrations: men who have some training, and the appropriate gear, who are organized down to the squad level, who can surround our demonstrations, defend them from hurled missiles, and restrain hot-heads and provocateurs on the inside trying to get us to do something stupid.

It’s war, and we’ve got to act like it.

By the way, anyone who wants to help the jailed protestors should go here and chip in a few bucks for them. You can do so anonymously – and if you use crypto, it’s even more anonymous. [Every patriot who does not already have one should, RIGHT NOW, get a Bitcoin or other Crypto account, and a (free) secure email account. More about the former at the end.]
They’ve got 93% of their fundraising goal accompished. Let’s put our money where our mouths are.

The group defending them, started by the mother of one of the prisoners, is here:
However, when you try to click on the link, on Firefox you get a blank page, and on Opera you get a message saying “the site cannot provide a secure connection … sent an invalid response.”

So they’ve probably been hacked. Our enemies have some very clever techies on their side. [ Confidential Human Sources: Geek Squad Works For FBI ]

But so do we, if we could mobilize them. [Anyone reading this who is a techie, in ‘civilian’ life, or who would like to develop some useful war-skills in that area, should contact me. And not just techies. You don’t have to learn assembly language – very useful OSINT can be done by almost anyone, if you know how. Start by getting this book: [ Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information: Bazzell, Michael: 9798578577086: Books ]

I can get you started. Even simple web searches can yield valuable information, as the people at have shown. These people are also worth a few dollars’ donation by the way – they’re doing sterling work. But you’ll need a crypto account in order to send them money. They recommend Coinbase – here’s how to do it:

  1. create an account

  2. add a payment method

  3. buy crypto currency

  4. send crypto currency.

There are more sophisticated, and harder to use, platforms for crypto traders, but this one is easy to use and adequate if you need to pay someone in crypto.

This is too long already – congratulations to anyone who has made it this far.

There is more to say: are we “going to jail for our thoughts”, for example, needs a serious reply. Later.

There were many reasons to enter the capital, protest, (like democrats have done past 6 years) they sat in grassleys office during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

The majority was pushed by the crowd, and when they got in they walked to the next exit they could find. No one wanted to hurt anyone. They wanted to protest a fake election.
It’s our right.

Yes the fbi was instigating the riot, Capital police were throwing flash bangs into peaceful crowds. Causing a riot in some spots. It’s all a sham, these are political prisoners.

The Capitol protest was a huge gift to the Left. They could hardly have asked for anything better. An enormous set back for the patriots. (Hundreds of our people are in, or going to, jail – millions of dollars transferred from the pockets of patriots, to lawyers and the government.)

But here is what is abolutely true: there was no planned “insurrection”, at least not from the patriot side.

In a real insurrection, you do the things necessary to wrest power from the existing rulers. You arrest political leaders, you take over the means of communication – radio and TV stations and now, I suppose, the internet if you can. Your people inside the police and military bring them over to your side, or neutralize them. You establish the new order.

You don’t wander about and take selfies.

Nonetheless, a lot of these people did some foolish things, like violently attacking policemen, and they are going to jail. Nothing much we can do about that.

It shouldn’t have happened, and wouldn’t have happened if we had had a nationwide group of Community Defense Teams (or whatever you want to call them), who could have converged on Washington and provided a ring of stewards, to marshall the demonstration and protect it from any AntiFa attack – and deal with provocateurs and loonies.

Yes, if it had been a left-wing protest that did the same thing, the entire Left would be defending the protestors, and they would probably get lighter sentences. (Although our enemies in power are not stupid, and they know they must appear to be ‘fair’ if they are not to drive away the broad middle of American society – so a few of the people arrested during the BLM/AntiFa riots in the previous summer have received some serious time in the pokey. [Boston Man Who Opened Fire on Police Officers During Riot Federally Charged - Breaking911

Boston Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Assaulting Officers with a Firearm During Civil Disorder in Boston | USAO-MA | Department of Justice]

They do this because they understand the importance of waging political warfare – winning the hearts and minds of the middle-of-the-road people.

We could learn from that.