Are We On the Brink of Revolt?

Move to urban areas! AOC’s of the world go away

Ideally, patriots should try to concentrate into the ‘redoubt states’, like Arizona. But almost no-one will undertake the huge upheaval of selling their home, leaving their job, for leap into the unknown.

The Libertarians tried to do this a few years ago:Free State Project - Wikipedia

But it didn’t succeed. [And now the New Hampshire Libertarian Party is tearing itself apart: New Hampshire Libertarian Party State Chair Jilletta Jarvis Posts Statement on Internal Party Matters | Ballot Access News ]

At best we should publicize the idea of the ‘redoubt states’, [ ] with links to realtors who welcome refugees from blue states [
Brokerage Services – American Redoubt
Find a Home in the American Redoubt –
Profiles of the Redoubt: The Redoubt Realtor » Sandpoint Reader ], and do this particularly among young people who have not yet settled into mortgage payments and a job.

We need cities – civilization progresses in cities – but they must be controlled by us. Of course, technology may change this.

We are not going to take back America, even if we do well in a few elections. The Left controls the cultural apparatus, and thus sets the default beliefs of ordinary people. Plus continued Third World immigration is against us.

Our only hope is to have a substantial expanse of territory where we are in contol, and from which we can fight for return to the federalism upon which the US was founded.

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I respectfully disagree, having red states remain red states just prolong‘s the lefts growing urban areas that control the culture, these are militant breeding grounds for Democrats.

Urban areas have deep rooted western culture heritage that needs to be revised. It will eat out the sick twisted democrat hold on American culture.

Who is going to pack up and move to downtown Detroit in order to revive the area? Not me… and I bet not you either.

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I’m already in a inner city. I would definitely invest, it’s the only way we will take America back.

Well, I hope you like it there. I will stay where I’m at with a police officer on one side and a nurse on the other, on a quiet street in a normal working family neighborhood. There is no trouble here and we all look out for each other. You would love all the Trump 2024 banners in the neighborhood.

If I want the inner city experience, I will just drive to the city I mentioned earlier and take in the sights.sounds and smells… and then thank God I don’t live there and drive back home to my nice, quiet neighborhood with good people surrounding me.

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There’s going to be some trouble to get this country back.

I don’t disagree. I’m just not going to participate by leaving my home to move to a blighted area and become a victim of the animals that infest it.

We are talking about the only way we’re actually going to take America back. We’re gonna have to make hard decisions. Maybe not you moving. But I noticed 90% of the cops in my city don’t live here, The firefighters don’t live here, we need that to change asap

Again, I don’t disagree, but the cops and firefighters have families to. They don’t want their families subjected to the violence and filth either. The only way you are going to get cops to live there is to pay them a lot more… or hire only single officers that are willing to put with the violence, drugs and general devient behavior of the people that live there.

I understand what you are saying, but the blighted areas are blighted for a reason… and the kind of people that inhabit them do so because there is no other place they can live.

When industry and jobs leave, areas become blighted. They aren’t going to become decent places for families unless the corporations decide to invest and bring jobs back. Good luck with that. They left for a reason… what will motivate them to return?

Sorry I’m an American every inch of this country belongs to freedom loving Americans… I’m not leaving a inch to the enemy.

Democrats will be easily defeated

Sure. Who, is the enemy? The people that live in the urban blights or the Left in general?

I would say the Left is the enemy… especially the loony Progressives.

The people that live in those areas live the only way they know how and the way they were taught from birth. What will you do with them after you take back America?

Ban communism have them relocate

Relocate to where? A special section of the country for them? Aren’t they Americans with the right to live where they choose? You don’t sound like you want to take back America; you sound like you want to change America into your vision of it. Isn’t that kind of what is going on right now?

Relocate to another country, find a place more suitable.
Communist consider America or being an American a very bad word. That makes them treasonous assholes. Charge and move on

What would be considered more suitable? What if another country doesn’t want them?

Put them on a boat set for sail, if they turn around blow it up

Do you want this teaching your child ?

Its funny how some still live in the past and are aloof to realities of what is going on. They lament for the past, a culture that no longer exists and rest on sentiments and laurels while sitting in their comfy chair behind a computer screen somewhere expressing for specific changes that will restore a former country that has been lost a long time ago. They only see the destruction while being outnumber to be reduced as the minority race. Where were they when it was happening? Asleep in their apathy? Remember the stages of a Democracy? Apathy?

Here is what todays culture looks like when expressing urgency in saving the country

Patriot 1: “We got to stop this madness with illegals crossing the border! We need to hold politicians accountable for the crimes they are blatantly committing! We need to pay down the national debt and stop printing money, and we need to stop getting involved in senseless wars! Don’t you agree”

Man 2: (He is looking at his phone while Patriot 1 talks to him)

Patriot 1: Hey! You know what I mean?

Man 2: (He then looks up briefly)
"Yeah sure! I agree! (then goes back to looking at his phone)

The country in the last year alone saw close to numbers never seen before of illegals entering the country at an unprecedented rate, (by millions) and are getting subsidized with the American Tax payers dollar. Where is the outrage? Where are the protests against this outrageous and egregious violations of American sovereignty? Watching TV? Too busy working? Playing Video games? Or are Americans just simply too apathetic or indifferent to even care? Probably a little bit both or all depending on how you view such things. The point is, the big cities is where the illegals will go, and this administration will gladly ship them there in order to change the demographics to create more dependency, more division etc., etc. Baring a miracle such as creating an environment where implementing laws and imposing strict sanctions on companies or individuals that employ illegals to which they would deport themselves, then removing them is going to be impossible, and we as Americans might as well accept that nothing can be done. Thus the demise of the America we once we knew will soon be a reality! Multi-national companies and the Oligarchy are the ones controlling elections where removing duly elected presidents and selecting proxy leaders is by committee of the elite only. Where is the outrage for that reality? Something that has been happening for decades? Its all an illusion and to admit we have been fooled is the first step in irradiating our own self denials of what the truth is, and accepting that such realities was shaped and formed by what was sold to us through our own self addictions of consumerism and over indulgences of MSM. Just look today and see how we as a people have become a culture of liars. When people are willing to lie yet turn around and advocate “Save America blah, blah, blah” then such words only begin to sound hallow by nature. “hallow be thy name” is a completely cryptic message that most miss as they go through the ritual of citation in hoping they will be saved, yet they don’t practice nor believe and thus the superficial realities that most Americans come to accept is being played out with alter egos and fictional characters on social media.

Do you remember when Detroit was once a vibrant city that everyone wanted to go to? I don’t remember a time and one would have to go back to the 40’s and 50’s to see when Detroit was a popular destination for the working class. Remember California having the highest standards of Education in the country? What happened to that? Now the state is almost the lowest in terms of testing standards and low output for high school graduation rates.

This is the image I have of people who complain as such but do nothing in terms of putting to action their empty hallow rhetoric. In many ways, this image of the fictional character “Archie Bunker” from the iconic TV show “All in the Family” has many representations of what it comes to signify and it can be argue which I would agree with is a Liberal narrative purposely scripted to brain wash America. The other argument is that it opened our eyes to bigotry, close mindedness and racist attitudes that some Americans held onto and rejected multi-culturalism. It was a conditioning process that eventually we all came to accept, and now that same conditioning process is on steroids with the use of “WHITE SUPREMACY” as an excuse to create fake moral outrage within a populace whose white guilt is coming back as a ghost for sins of the past. See Orwell again!

I am pretty sure I am in agreement with you in terms of if you live somewhere and are relatively happy with your quality of life, then why would you move to the City in which Democrats have destroyed in order to sacrifice yourself for the greater good? You only have so many years to live the life you want and so many years within a life span to devote to fighting, as the latter is history making stuff that is only reserved for the young and for people who have nothing to lose. We only have so many years left on this Earth, and do we really want to spend them fighting a war? Maybe? Just depends if that war is winnable. Not sure in this case it is, however all I know is I already did my time fighting wars In Afghanistan, Iraq and Mogadishu, for politicians who contrived conflicts in order to enrich themselves and I want no more of it.

As I said before, if the country is to be saved then it will have to start at a grass roots level, not at the National level by hoping for a savior like Trumpkins and DeSantis, or whatever. Also, the rise of morality is something that is probably going to be the most important aspect to which a nation state will be able to save itself. Look at Poland as a clear example of this to know a united country that share a common interest such as cultural identity in faith in “God.” America no longer has a cultural identity despite the bloviating hot air overtures being made by some fat bastard trying in vain to make a case on the contrary. The fact is the US no longer has a common shared belief when is comes to something involving “faith.” If a country lacks the latter, then it no longer is a country that is united and that alone is what will separate us. Also forget about a “nation of laws” something that was held in high regard in the eyes of the rest of the world where it applies to all classes of people, but instead we now have a two tiered system of justice that enables allowing the “Political class” such as the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world to continue breaking laws with impunity in order to self enrich themselves with insider trading as an example.

When routine bites hard
And ambitions are low
And resentment rides high
But emotions won’t grow
And we’re changing our ways
Taking different roads

Then love, love will tear us apart again
Love, love will tear us apart again

Why is the bedroom so cold?
You’ve turned away on your side
Is my timing that flawed?
Our respect runs so dry
Yet there’s still this appeal
That we’ve kept through our lives

But love, love will tear us apart again
Love, love will tear us apart again

You cry out in your sleep
All my failings exposed
And there’s taste in my mouth
As desperation takes hold
Just that something so good
Just can’t function no more

But love, love wil tear us apart again
Love, love will tear us apart again
Love, love will tear us apart again
Love, love will tear us apart again

I am under no illusions! It is what it is and have to wonder what will be next?