Another Disaster for Pervert Joe Biden

Stunning upset in Virginia Governor race which Biden camping for , now after a disastrous Photo op Climate change conference and the Pope reality sets in Infrastructure bill President Biden unveiled a new $6 trillion focused on infrastructure, the care economy, climate and, as the name implies, causing a loss of 1.2 million Jobs in THE US Previous U.S. COVID-19 spending stimulus packages were focused on short-term emergency response, propped up the business-as-usual, polluting economy Manufacturing the back bone of America economy

This new proposal is designed to promote longer-term economic recovery and keep the United States competitive while responding to the economic devastation from the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis.

If the proposal becomes law this summer, as Biden hopes it will, it would simultaneously destroy millions of good-paying jobs and be the most important climate legislation in U.S. history. Not all of the specific investment amounts have been identified yet, like The Obama/Biden care bill were Drunk Nancy Pelosi said read it after it passes and the langue is first put in but it appears that at least $1 trillion would go to sectors that fall under the broad umbrella of climate change, clean energy and environmental justice.

Biden’s jobs proposal would help the United States regain its status as an international leader in climate policy and in clean energy industries. It proposes more spending aimed at addressing climate change and protecting the environment than any other countries have announced in their COVID recovery packages.

The only other economy with a similar level of ambition is the European Union, which is requiring that 30% of its economic recovery package and 2021-2027 budget be climate-friendly. In this U.S. proposal, it would be about 50%. Now we look at the following approval ratings Biden 37 % Kamala Harris 30 % The House and Pelosi 11 % the Senate 6 % why?

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