PLEASE SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST! We don't need dozens of threads on similar or duplicate topics

New guys - please help me out.

If you see an “OPEN GENERAL” thread or an “OFFICIAL” thread on a topic that is VERY similar to a thread you are about to create, please slow down and post in the EXISTING THREAD. It’s a lot of work to sort through all of the threads and have to re-organize them all because someone was doing their best to contribute actively or too lazy to learn how the site works.

Also - if anyone is going to start a thread it needs to be SUBSTANTIAL. These low quality threads have got to stop. If they keep up, I am just going to start deleting them. Please take this as a friendly reminder. We all need to do our part to keep the site neat and orderly…and most of all INFORMATIVE. Spamming threads every time a news article comes out makes a big mess. Please be a part of the solution.




Thanks for cleaning the mess up. I logged in, saw the dumpster fire, and logged back out.


I’d also like to see a ban on shitty meme posting. There is one user in particular who spams the site and it is getting really obnoxious. This is a message board. If he wants to spam his shitty memes he can go to Cuckbook.

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Thanks for tidying the place up. ngl it looked like shit for a minute.

I have never seen any “shitty meme” coming from this user you speak of.
His memes speak volumes and I like them.

Shitty memes are videos of animals shitting, someone farting, etc.


Giving this a bump because it deserves to be read.

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Pozzed. Don’t be a gay Karen.
Grow up and click on your drooling boy, licking the phallic symbol picture.
Then go to Preferences, then Users and put me on ignore and also mute.
You will never see or hear from me again.
You will be offended never more.


'The lady doth protest too much , methinks,'


Just logged in after a few days of ignoring the news. Saw another insane mess of the board. @Tyfoon - can you please address this?

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I hear that they’re going after Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore


Looks like a slide thread shill at work…


What’s that? and where’s the insane mess?

A slide shill spams a board with low effort and generally worthless threads to slide all of the good threads from view and give the appearance of low engagement. People see a mess of empty threads and go away. These shills only come out during elections and will generally post conspiracy theory bullshit to further undermine the credibility of a site.


If that is true, then that has got to be the most retarded cause to have ever manifested out of the left. What? They are going to force the Football team to adopt a new name too?

Spam his threads then bump the good ones


Also pushing lots of disinfo - intentionally.

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…most of which belongs in the Conspiracy category.

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Looks like it is time to bump this thread :wink:

You also have some newbies that have to be told twice.
Bump the good threads, if interesting.
If you ignore the shill threads they would move down to past history with no participation… 0.