An All Out War Has Broken Out Between Mexican Military and the Drug Cartels on the Streets of Culiacán, Sinaloa

If you follow the link in this thread, there is more context to this story with more videos. The fighting is pretty intense!

One of the comments says that the if it weren’t for the US demand for drugs who is Mexico’s biggest client, none of this would exist? How honest are Americans willing to be with themselves to accept some responsibility for creating this mess? It’s a fair question!

Why hasn’t the Mexican military just taken the cartels out already? Blow up all of their facilities, burn all of their crops, get rid of all the drug dealers. What are they waiting for?

Those are valid questions, but the cartels are in everyone’s pockets within the political system and are heavily armed! Did you see in the first video of the truck with the 50 cal? That is military grade weapons and is no joke! I am not sure as to why the government forces cannot eradicate this scourge on their society besides the corruption aspect of this issue, I also suspect there is fear of an all out war breaking out if they decided to do that, which could lead to a failed state lying in ruins!

Because if I had to guess 90% of the Mexican military is already owned lock, stock, and barrel by the cartels.

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Civilians in proximity maybe. Not everybody lives by the scorched earth policy.

It’s getting to the point where if the Mexicans won’t do it our hand might be forced. The shit from Mexico has been spilling over into the United States for decades. It’s time to end the madness. Build the wall, destroy the cartels, punish the government of Mexico and US businesses that relocate there.


What is wrong with declaring Martial Law with curfews and an all out war on the cartels. Yes, there may be some innocent casualties but the cartels are the number 1 enemy. Put all known supporters on an island prison and rapid use of firing squads for those convicted.

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This just out. How does drug cartels defeat its own countries standing Army? I wonder if there is going to be payback for this?

Wasn’t all of this related to El Chapo’s son being busted out of prison?

The cartel’s power is provided by the wealth generated by drug and human smuggling accross an insecure border with the US. These revenue streams are the single largest source of foreign exchange for the Mexican economy.

Securing our Southern border with among other measures a physical barrier will cut the cash flow and power of the cartels. If we undertake a vigorous program of deporting cartel members living illegally in the US and reform asylum laws to discourage unskilled economic refugees at the same time we will slash the cartel’s distribution network and starve their human smuggling operations of victims.

These reforms are all domestic actions. The Mexican government ought to clear away the bureaucratic underbrush nullifying the right to the individual ownership of firearms in the Mexican constitution.

That is quite a laundry list to execute, but it works for me. You are right on all accounts and Glad to hear Americans speak the truth. We created this mess, and it’s going to get worse which is why securing the southern borders is a paramount priority! Most importantly is addressing the straw man gun purchases and the drug epidemic ravaging the US right now!

Yes, that is what started this whole thing! The Mexican President AMLO as many refer him as, has totally acquiescence to the cartels demands and backed off. Which is sending the wrong message! Can you imagine if they did this in the US? I would imagine they wouldn’t last Long!

That is like wondering if you kill an ant did you kill the mound.:wink:

Build the wall and use the technology available to us where the wall won’t work.

Keep the riff raff out out the United States and let them deal with their own problems.

Take a look at what the dems have done to undermine this and then tell me how, after Trump is no longer President, we find anyone to replace him with his backbone.

Don Jr? Just a thought that I’ve seen circulating recently!

It’s tough enough standing up for Trump now. He’s what this nation needs, I have no doubts about that. But the Dem-media insurrection in our nation owns the hearts of half the nation, and controls way more than half of the communication/airwaves and therefore owns the narrative. And standing up for Trump – and for this nation as we know it – is a bloody uphill battle.

Raising Don Jr as the heir apparent adds in plenty of rope for the media to declare a nepotistic ersatz monarchy.

And yes. Just as the drug cartel leads a Mexican insurrection, the Dem-media complex is waging its own insurrection in the USA.

Could be the hesitation. Easier said when you’re not the one responsible for such decisions.

BTW, stories I read about this pointed out that the cartel kidnapped families of military personnel (and I’m guessing not just foot soldier families), and that was a factor for the military’s decision to pull back.